Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to solve "Please enter the current password for [my account name]" of Eudora

Eudora is one of the old e-mail client tools. It has been develop for both windows and Macintosh operating system. Eudora has been designed for non-traditional computing devices, which include mobile devices such as Palm OS. Sometimes it happen that when you try to login into Eudora e-mail client it gives a message "Please enter the current password for [my account name] " which is asking for password of your account. But you didn't know what to enter in this password field.

As per Eudora KB Eudora does not have any password. It has the password of your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) password or Network Administrator's password that Eudora is asking. You must need to provide that password before you can check and receive emails.
You need to contact your ISP or Network administrator to reset your password if you didn't remember. To avoid unauthorized access every mail server has a password. Otherwise everyone those using that computer can able to read your emails. You may never have noticed it before because of Eudora's option to save your password, so you don't have to enter it each time. This option is found under the Tools menu, Options, Checking Mail.

There are several reasons why Eudora asking for password

  1. There is an option Forget password? In Special menu. Did you ever click it? This command tells Eudora to stop remembering password.
  2. If you make changes in your checking mail setting Eudora will forget your password.
  3. Did you get an error from your mail server when checking for mail? Eudora will forget your password if it gets any server error from your mail server when giving the PASS command to the mail server.

If you loss Eudora e-mail client password, and you could not find it from other sources like ISP etc. Then you can use Mail password recovery software to recover lost password. This software will recover your lost password in one mouse click. You need to find email password recovery software which is compatible with your system configuration.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ways to Recover Lost Administrator Password of Windows XP

password hell
Image by Ron Bennetts via Flickr
Windows password is best way to protect your computer from unauthorized access, whether it is for securing the innumerable email accounts or various applications and most importantly for the computer systems that most of the people use today. But the same advancement has been plagued with some major problems. And the most significant of these problems is that a password once set can be hacked if not changed on a regular basis, say once a week or month at the maximum. No matter how strong the password is, it may get hacked if user doesn't change it often. This brings the user to the state, where, user may forget the password in case particular account was not access from couple of weeks or so. So as user you must be having worry or thought ‘Is there any way to access or recover Window XP password? Without having old password, fortunately we have best password recovery software available which help user to access their account with lost administrator password.

A password is like the key that needs to put in the right way for a user to be able to get into their account. Otherwise, user’s Window XP administrator will be locked due to that user could not access saved files and important data/ document on the system. Let us see how a user can access their Microsoft Windows XP account even they have forgotten the set password.

The first and the foremost method have to try and recall the password. Was it your pet, somebody's maiden name, a phone number, or somebody's birthday date, address, something related to your past? Try to remember, and give it your best shot. That would certainly save you a lot of energy and money.
In case still the password is not recalled. Don't worry in this situation! Second as a user you can try to take help if there is other user's logged on to the system, and somebody else has administrator rights, then user may seek their help to reset password. If this doesn't work, then as user you can check the next step.

Do you remember that you created a password reset disk for your Windows XP. If you did, then, just pull it out! This is the right time to use it! But, in case you do not remember anything about it, then probably you didn't create it, and in case you did create one, you may not be able to recollect where you kept it! So forget it!

Now what? Are you planning to perform a clean installation of your Windows XP? Well, there is another option for you, before you decide to clean install the system! Opt for .Windows Password Recovery software. This software is very powerful and able to recover password in few minutes. It come with bootable CD, so you didn't required to install it. These are read only software so it didn't alter any windows internal files.
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Reset lost windows administrator password with Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT)

Microsoft offers range very useful tools that help you quickly troubleshoot and repair windows based computer system. Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) is one of the such tool which reduce cost and time to recover and repair computer that will not boot. It is combination of several utilities which recovers unbootable windows based desktop. With the use of Locksmith you can reset lost password of windows administrator. This is one of the best method of lost windows password recovery.

Reset windows password with Locksmith : Locksmith Wizard is tool which responsible to reset administrator or user password of windows based computer. To reset your password you did not required to know your current password. It have one restriction that the password which you choose must comply with local Group Policy object (GPO) defines that includes password length and complexity. Use this tool in the event that the password for a local account, such as the local Administrator account, is unknown. This tool cannot set passwords for domain accounts.

Steps To Start DaRT :

1) To use DaRT you first need to create it, first required to use ERD Commander Boot Media Wizard to create the ERD Commander boot media. To start wizard click on Start -- > All Programs ---> Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset --- > ERD Commander Boot Media Wizard.

2) A box will open that will ask to select tools in your boot media.

3) To start DaRT Boot a physical computer by using the ERD Commander boot media.
4) In the final step it will show “System Recovery Options”. You need to select “Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT)”.

5) In the MSDaRT dialog box click on Locksmith.

6) Locksmith will allow you to reset password of any account of your computer. Just select account from drop down list and write new password.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

How To Recover Lost Or Forgotten PDF Password

PDF documents are largly used because of its security and flexibility. In all type of documents PDF are most secure because it uses passwords to restrict number activities. It have two type of password user and owner. PDF save in encrypted format, without having correct password anyone can not access protected PDF files.

But these advanced security features sometimes become problem, when user forgot or lost PDF password. Unfortunatly their is no other way to access password protected PDF file instead of having correct password. In the password loss situation PDF password recovery is required with some advanced PDF password recovery tool.

If you lost “password to open” document then it is quite difficult to recover password. There are three algorithms Brute Force attack, Key Search and Dictionary attack are available to recover lost password. You need to find a software which is using these methods .

Their are several PDF password recovery software are available, search on Internet and find that one which is compatible with your system configuration. Password recovery tools are read-only tools it doesn't alter your documents. Follow these steps to recover lost password...

  1. Download PDF password recovery tool.
  2. Install it on your computer.
  3. Launch PDF password recovery tool.

  4. Select file for which you want to recover password.
  5. Use mask if you remember anything about password.
  6. Click on Start.
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Password Recovery: How To Recover Lost Outlook Login Password

--> Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used email client. You can configure your email address with outlook and it will allow you to check emails offline. Users usually keep strong password which is mix with alphabets, special characters and numbers, to prevent unauthorized access of important and confidential emails. Keeping strong password and forgetting it become big problem for user when they forget or lost it. In the password loss situation, MS outlook will not allow user to access their emails. It means user can’t access their own emails because they have forgotten the password and situation become very tough. In this situation mail password recovery is the best solution, it require with some advanced outlook password recovery software.

Apart from using outlook password recovery software there is one more way to reset the lost outlook password. You need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask ISP to assign new password to your account. As per Microsoft outlook guidelines this is only way to reset lost outlook password.

When you have got password from ISP then update your email account settings with new password.
And now you are able to open your email account and check your emails offline.

If you think that it is very lengthy process then use advanced Mail password recovery software which is compatible with your version of outlook. It is advisable that first use demo version of software when you are satisfied with result then go with full version of password recovery tool. Mail password recovery tools come with 100% guarantee of password recovery.
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Reset Hacked Gmail Password When You don't Know Recovery Email And Security Question


From last few months I am observing that hackers are become more active to hack personal Gmail accounts of many users. They find several ways to hack your Internet identity (Username and password). Yesterday I have read news which says that approximately one million facebook accounts has been hacked. Because this is era of computer and internet, maximum services are now connected through email ID, and passwords of other services and be reset with the use of Email ID. Our net banking password, credit card information, insurance information can easily being stolen and misused if anyone hacked your email password.

If in any case your email ID password has been hacked then it is advisable to change account settings of all services which is connected to your personal email ID. Once you are through with changing the setting then you need to reset email address password.

When hackers, hack any email ID, first of all they change the following setting of your email account such as email id for password recovery, mobile number and security question, so that you can't reset your password. Today I am going to share if you have Gmail account then how you can reset the password. Gmail still provide a way to reset your password, if you don't have recovery email address, mobile number and security question.

Important thing is to remember the date of creation of your gmail account (You can get it by seeing first email on your account), last remembered password, 5 contact email address and name of few labels. Here I am going to explain the way to recover lost Gmail password, follow the steps written below.......

  1. Open and click on the option “Can't access your account?

  1. Forget password recovery page will open that will ask to enter the email ID for which you want to recover password. Enter email ID and click Submit.

3. In next step captcha will be appear fill it correctly and click continue.

4. A webpage will open which will ask you to choose password recovery method i.e. send password on recovery email id and through mobile number. But you don't have any one of these; you need to click on “verify your identity” link.

5. Now the final form for password recovery will open, try to fill this form correctly (If not remember exact date then fill approx dates). Your password recovery will be depending number of answers you fill correctly or nearby correct. Google will reply you within 24 hours with steps which need to follow for password recovery.

Note: Always keep date of creation of your email ID at safe place, it will help you to recover hacked password. If you not remember date of creation then check your first email send by Gmail team on your email address.
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Best Free Method To Reset Lost Windows Password

Lost windows user account password can be reset with windows administrator account. In case both user account & administrator password has been lost then it is difficult to reset windows password. There are several windows password recovery tools available to reset lost windows password, which work perfectly and reset password in few mouse clicks. All these software are paid and you will have to purchase. If you don't want to spend money on software then there is a way which may help you to reset lost password with yourself by repairing windows operating system.

Follow the steps written below to reset windows password:

1)Insert windows setup CD and boot your system and follow instruction.
2)Press “R” when it asks to repair your existing windows installation.

3)Now setup will start repairing existing windows. It will start copying files.
4)After few minutes your system will restart automatically. At one time "Press any key to continue..." message will appear on the screen, DO NOT press any key at this time. Setup will resume again.
5)A progress bar will display and start doing some other task.
6)Please look carefully on the screen and wait for the time when "Installing devices" will show on the screen, at this point of time, press +F10.

7)Command prompt windows will open, Now type nusrmgr.cpl and press .
8)It will open user accounts, just like which you seen in Control Panel.
9)From here you can reset or remove password of any account.  

If above method doesn't work for you then password recovery software will be best option.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Reset Master Password of Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla ThunderbirdImage via Wikipedia
Master password must be used in Mozialla Thunderbird to protect list of saved password in thunderbird. Any user can see and use passwords which are saved in thunderbird. Master password will prompt at every time when anyone tries to open password protected item.
If you lost master password then you could not open any password protected items in this situation thunderbird master password recovery is required by a mail password recovery software to get access all password protected items.
Here I am going to explain, how to set, change, remove and recover master password of Mozilla thunderbird. Follow the steps given below.
How to set master password:
It is quite easy to set master password on Mozilla thunderbird
1.     Launch Mozilla thunderbird
2.     Click on Tools.
3.     In Tools click on Options.
4.     In option popup windows click on Privacy tab.
5.     In privacy tab click on Password.
6.     And then Set Master Password.
Change Master Password: To change master password follow first 5 steps from setting master password but in 6th step click on Change Master Password. And enter new password and confirm new password.
Remove Master Password:
     7. Launch Mozilla thunderbird
     8. Click on Tools.
     9. In Tools click on Options.
   10. In option popup windows click on Privacy tab.
   11. In privacy tab click on Password.
   12. And then Remove Master Password.
Reset Master Password: If you lost or forget master password then there is easy way to disable master password feature from Mozilla thunderbird. But note one thing that “By resetting master password will remove all information of stored password”.
Choose Tools -> Error Console, paste the expression: openDialog("chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul") and press the Evaluate button. That will open a dialog asking you if you want to reset your password.
If your master password still not reset by above procedure then you need to use Email password recovery software to reset your lost password.
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fix Error message “Unable to Log You on Because of an Account Restriction”

Fix Error message “Unable to Log You on Because of an Account Restriction”

There may be chances when you have faced this error message on your screen. Let us read more to know why this error comes. Actually at the time of windows XP home edition installation, windows ask to set windows administrator password, you need to set password that you can easily remember. After windows XP installation has been completed, administrator account can be access in safe mod only. If you will try to access administrator account in normal mode you will receive error message “Unable to Log You on Because of an Account Restriction”.

Windows offers solution of above error message, the simple solution of above error message is that change administrator password that has been set at the time of installation of windows XP. Follow the steps given below to change windows administrator password.

Click Start, click Turn Off Computer, and then click Restart.
  1. After the computer completes the Power On Self Test (POST), press F8, and then click Safe mode.

    NOTE: If you have difficulty getting to the Safe mode menu command, press F8 repeatedly after you turn on the computer.
  2. Log on as an Administrator, or with another account that has Administrator permissions.
  3. Click Start, click Settings, click Control Panel, and then click User Accounts.
  4. Click the Administrator icon.
  5. Click Create a Password or Change my password.
  6. Type a password for the account, and then retype the password to confirm it.
  7. Type a hint to help you remember the password in the event that you forget it.
  8. Click Create Password or Change Password.
Above method will only work if you remember windows administrator password, if you forget it, above method will not work for you. To overcome this situation you can use windows password recovery software to reset lost or forgotten admin password.
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How I Can Recover Lost Outlook PST Password

Minimal perfect hash functionn with four names...Image via Wikipedia
--> MS Outlook is use to receive confidential Email related to business. In MS outlook all mails and personal data is store in PST (Personal Storage Table) files. To impose security on the confidential emails and data users can protect it with PST password. But this PST password some times become problem for the user when they lost or forget it. At this point of time PST password recovery is required. PST password recovery software is required to recover lost PST password.

Remove PST Password :

In order to make PST compatible with later versions of Outlook, Microsoft provides a utility called pst19upg.exe. The process requires a space of about three times the size of the original PST. The first file should be backed up and scanned using scanpst.exe. Then pst19upg. exe can be used in the files via command line as:

'C: My Documentspst19upg.exe'-x outlook.pst.

Note: full path may vary pst19upg.exe

A copy of the PST file is created, but with the extension .psx. You can then rename the original PST and use of 'C: My Documentspst19upg.exe'-i filename.psx for password free PST file. We can scan and opens it in Outlook for use. The utility has two basic limitations: Does not support Unicode format of Outlook 2003 and 2007, and secondly, it may fail in some cases.

PST Password Recovery

Outlook Password Recovery is possible because the technique for storage of PST password allows password recovery using special tools. Outlook uses 32-bit hash value to store the password that can be generated using CRC32 (Cyclic Redundancy Check32) algorithm. Therefore, any value that can match the corresponding CRC value can be used to open the locked PST. Commercial PST Password Recovery programs make it feasible to get these matching set of passwords. Therefore we have to decode and carry out the complex process that is complex. Thus we need not decode it and carry out the complex procedure that is complex. These Outlook Password Recovery programs give interactive interface and are safe due to their read-only nature.
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Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Change or Remove Password of MS Access Database

Once you share password with anyone due to any reason then it is quite possible it may be misuse. Due to some urgent or demanding office task suppose you have shared the password with someone. Once you have shared password of mdb files then that user is authorized to do changes and use all resources of that database. So it is always advisable to change or remove previous password from MS access database after that task get over. MS access has option to change or remove password.
Here you can read some methods to apply so that you can change or remove password of MS access database. The NewPassword method is used for changing or removing password. Follow the code written below, this code for changing password “password1” to “password2” of the access database “accessdatabase.mdb”.
By NewPassword Method:
Sub ChangeDBPassword ()

Dim Db As Database

Set Db = OpenDatabase("C:\My Documents\MyDB.mdb",True, _


Db.NewPassword "MyPassword1","MyPassword2"


End Sub

By CompactDatabase method:

Sub CompactDB ()

' Compact the database, supplying the password

DBEngine.CompactDatabase "C:\My Documents\MyDB.mdb", _

"C:\My Documents\Test.MDB", dbLangGeneral, dbVersion30, _


End Sub

Above method will change MS access database password. But above code not handle the possibility of trying to open the database with the wrong password, which would generate an error.
Remove password from MS Access Database: It is quite easy to remove password from MS Access database. You can do it with NewPassword method by using empty string for second parameter of the NewPassword method.
Db.NewPassword "MyPassword2", ""
Applying Password on Access Database: You can also apply password on access database files with the use of NewPassword method. You need to just make slight changes in the code. Use empty string first and write password of your choice in second parameter.
Db.NewPassword "", "MyPassword1"
MS Access lost password Recovery: It is difficult to do changes on access database if you forget the database password. To apply above methods you must have access of your database files. Lost password can be recovered with accesspassword recovery software. These tools will recover lost password in few mouse click.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Change or Remove Password of MS Excel Workbook

MS excel is mostly use for creating report of business transactions with useful information. To secure the information from unauthorized viewer users put strong password on excel files. Users can set to type of password on MS excel workbook, password to modify and password to open. Sometimes users have to share these passwords with others due to several reasons. Now user need to change or remove password from the excel file because it has been shared with someone. It is very easy to change excel password with follow instruction as written below.

How to change MS excel password:
1. Open the workbook.
2. On the File menu, click Save As.
3. On the Tools menu, click General Options.
4. In the Password to open or Password to modify box, double-click the asterisks.
5. Type the new password and then click OK.
6. When prompted, retype the new password, and then click OK.
7. Click Save.
8. If prompted, click yes to replace the existing workbook.

How to remove MS excel password: This procedure is almost same as changing password but at the last step it is little bit different.
1. Open the workbook.
2. On the File menu, click Save As.
3. On the Tools menu, click General Options.
4. In the Password to open or Password to modify box (or in both boxes), double-click the asterisks and then press the DELETE key.
5. Click OK, and then click Save.
6. Click yes to replace the existing workbook.

How to recover MS excel password: If you have forget excel password then MS excel will not allow you to open excel workbook without having password. In this situation you could not change or remove password. You need Excel password recovery to regain access of your workbook. You can do it with excel password recovery software.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

How to recover lost or forgotten PST password of outlook and outlook express

GNUMail logoImage via Wikipedia
--> MS outlook is most used email client application. All information such as emails, attachments, task, journals, notes and other objects are save in.pst files format. In today's world all type of business communication is done by emails so it is important to make these .pst files password protected so that no one can access your important emails and other documents without your permission. But problem is created when you lost or forget password of these pst files. Without password you won't be able to access your emails and other objects. To overcome to this situation Outlook PST Password Recovery is required, this can be perform by using pst password recovery software.
The main reason of outlook pst password is that people always keep changing password after few days, due to security reasons. But sometime it is difficult to remember several passwords together and confusion arise. Another reason of PST password loss could be stolen by someone.
Usually users keep the backup of all important data and communication which they perform with clients on email space. So it may be possibility that to harm your business someone hack or stolen your outlook password. Few more possible reasons of PST password loss are given below:

  • Loss of page where you have written outlook pst password.
  • You are using outlook after long time and you don't have any idea of your password.
  • You have forgotten your outlook mail as well as pst password.

    How much loss will you suffer if you forget the password of your Outlook PST file? All your daily important mails, contacts, appointments, tasks and meetings are all lost only because of a little mistake that you haven't properly wrote down your password at a safe place so that you can cross check anytime later on without any inconvenience.

Luckily we have Outlook PST password recovery software as best solution for lost pst password recovery. This tool is self explanatory and didn't require any technical knowledge to use it. Just run software and get your password in few mouse clicks.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How To Reset Windows Admin Password With Ubuntu

Are you in a situation where you have lost password of windows based admin account. If it is yes then don't worry I have solution which is very simple & economic. You just need to Install Ubuntu (A free Linux Based OS) and follow the simple steps written below to recover windows admin password. This is very unique method of Windows Password Recovery where Internet connection is required.
First I will describe how to install Ubuntu (OS) because it is new for several users, then I will describe how to recover lost windows password with it. You need to install Ubuntu on existing hard drive on which windows is installed.
1. Go to Ubuntu site and download the latest Ubuntu ISO Operating System.
2. Use one of the free ISO burning application to create a bootable CD of Ubuntu. Of course, you need another PC to do this.

3. Use Ubuntu Live CD to boot into the live v
ersion of the OS.

4. Go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager.

5. Then Settings > Repositories

6. Once the window "Software Sources" appears, make sure to select "Software restricted by copyright or legal issues", then click Close.

7. Click Reload in the Synaptic package manager.

8. Click Search and type 'chntpw.

9. Once the 'chntpw' application is found, right-click in it and "mark for installation".

10. Click "Apply on Summary window," and also to confirm the changes.
** Remember that an Internet connection is required for the above steps. If there is no availability of a connection, a USB flash drive is required. **

12. Next, we mount the Windows drive. In Ubuntu, go to Places > Select the appropriate drive.

13. The last step is actually reset the password through the terminal in Linux.

14. In Ubuntu go to Applications> Accessories> Terminal.

15. Type 'Cd /media/disk/WINDOWS/system32/config /’ in the terminal window.

16. Type 'sudo chntpw SAM’.

17. This by default will change the administrator password. For a change to a particular user. Type 'sudo-u username chntpw SAM.

18. Then you will see a long display of information, most of which can be ignored.

19. The next step is actually reset the Windows password. It is recommended that the password blank with an asterisk *.

20. You will then need to confirm the change with a Y, and reboot.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Why I Can't Open Password-Protected MS Access File

The desire to be in front line is really good. As we are now living in the computer world where maximum task we are performing on computer. It means our important data is on computer, we use password just to protect data from unauthorized access. Passwords are used everywhere from social media websites to MS access files. It is very difficult for anyone to remember all passwords because we have tendency to use different password for different type of website or files for security reasons. Consider a situation where you have lost the password for the MS access file and tried all possible passwords that you can remember which you use to protect your documents.
But nothing works because here the scenario is different, and your MDB database is highly confidential, that is why it has implemented a complex combination of passwords so that can't be accessed by anyone in any case.
The password loss situation can difficult for anyone because we can access database only with the correct password to perform several task on database. However, such situations are very common and can be faced by anyone who works with files and access documents. To avoid such situations it is advisable to save password as a backup in a safe place.
Suppose you don't have backup of MS access password and you forget it. You must be anxious to know how to open the MS access File which is Password Protected. Don't worry; fortunately we have solution available to overcome from this situation. You can search for MS Access password recovery software’s on Google, These software come with 100% password recovery guarantee and capable to recover lost or forgotten MS access password.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How To Recover Outlook Express Password By Using DOS

Screenshot of a sample Bash session, taken on ...Image via Wikipedia
It is very important to save your password in some other location, when you configure email account with outlook express. Because if you forget or lost outlook express password then you can't able to access outlook express. To regain access of outlook express you need to recover its password, if you have administrative access then mail password can be recovered with Windows Command Prompt. If you don't have administrative access the mail password recovery software is required to recover lost password.
Administrative account holders follow steps written below to recover lost Outlook express password:
Note: This process will fail if you don't have admin access.
Step 1) Login in computer with administrator account.
Step 2) Open a command prompt by clicking "Start," "All Programs" "Accessories" and "Command Prompt".
Step 3) Type "oe6.exe-I" "-p" at the command prompt, where "" is the e-mail address to retrieve password.
Step 4) Press "Enter" and all information stored in the account is displayed in the command prompt, including the password for the email account.

For the users those don’t have administrator access of computer above process will not work. They are required to use some outlook express password recovery software. These password recovery software user friendly, have very good GUI and are very interactive. These are very simple to use and don't required any technical knowledge.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Recover MS Excel 2007 Password Without Any Password Recovery Software

Users set password on MS excel spreadsheet to protect from unauthorized access but sometimes password creates problem to access the excel spreadsheet when they forget or lost it. There are several tools are available to reset MS excel 2007 password. But all tools are paid and you have to spend some bucks to use those tools. Here I am going to tell you, how you
can remove password of MS excel 2007, without using any tool. MS Excel 2007 have different types of file with file extent ion like xlsx, xlsm, xltx, etc. these file types are called Open XML because these file type contains XML files. You can see XML documents which makes excel spreadsheet by changing its extension to zip.
You can remove excel password by editing Open XML files. Follow the steps given below to remove password of password-protected excel files.
  1. Create backup of password-protected excel file.
  2. Change the file extension to .zip from .xlsx.
  3. Now extract the whole content of zip file.
  4. Search for xml format of targeted sheet. You will find it in ‘xl -> worksheets’ directory.

  1. Open the xml file of targeted sheet in xml editor.
  2. Now search for ‘sheetProtection’ word in that xml file and remove it.

  1. Save this edited xml file and replace it with old xml file in zip files.
  2. Now change the extension from .zip to .xlsx.

Double click on spreadsheet, it will open normally (it will not ask any password). This method will work for MS Excel 2007 you can also try it for higher version of MS Excel, but I didn't test it. For lower version of MS Excel you need to use excel password recovery software to recover lost password.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Reset password of Microsoft excel

Nutch robotsImage via Wikipedia
Password protected Excel workbook does not allow anyone to access data from it. The blockade of the Excel workbook was not possible in earlier versions of Excel. But now we can protect a workbook in Excel. Set a password for the file is a good way to prevent data theft and improve safety. However, the file remains protected from unauthorized access, the problem comes when you have lost password. Excel workbook can not be opened without a password. To get access of our data we need to recover Excel password. For the recovery of Excel workbook, a third party Excel password recovery software is a good option.

Imagine a situation, in which you stores some important data in an Excel workbook. For security reasons, password is applied so that no one can access it. Have not had access to the Excel workbook for a long time. And now you've forgotten all characters. you must have same set of alphanumeric charectors which you set as password, without this password you could not open you excel sheet.

Do not panic. Not that big a problem. To recover excel password do things which are written below. Try to remember the password! Search for copying or notebook in which I have kept the password. Try using one of these passwords that apply to other software applications and email clients.

If you can not remember or take the password, then it is advisable to opt for a third-party Excel password recovery. With the help of these tools, you can unlock your password protected Excel spreadsheet. Today, the number of tools are available on the market that can recover Excel password instantly. You do not need technical knowledge to use this software. Just do a simple Internet search. These tools are non-destructive nature, and have been well described procedures, and a good ability to recover password. Select a software according to your choice.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to recover MS office password

Samsung HD400LD hard disk drive (400 GB storag...Image via Wikipedia
Computers can become big problem for you if it doesn't work properly. Like any mechanical device or other electronic devices, computers can fail and break, hard drives can fail, while the removable drives can fail, storage spaces can get out of capacity, the software can fail to communicate with hardware or hardware can fail to react to software commands. In addition, computers can easily contract all types of malware such as viruses, worms, spyware, adware, rootkits, phishing and trojans that can wreak havoc on the program files and data. Installed software, databases and password of installed software get affected, when above programmes attack on computer.

As if that were not enough, there is an issue more about computers leading to frustrations when lost or forgotten, the only question you will with yourself, how to go for MS Office Password Recovery. Office Passwords are implemented as security measures to protect private or confidential official information from prying eyes and curious meddlers meddling. They are great because they give a degree of control over the team and a sense of ownership over their data. However, what happens when passwords are forgotten? Anger, provocation, disappointment, helplessness. Yes, you remember the password yesterday and every day before then, but today is a totally different and more difficult than trying to blow his brains to know the password of the MS office, the less you remember. Stop panicking and vain rebuke himself, there are few ways by which you can recover you lost MS office password.

Third party software such as stellar phoenix office password hrecovery software recover lost MS office password with great deal of safety.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to recover lost of fogotten email password

microsoft outlook logoImage by adria.richards via FlickrThe data communication was not easy earlier as sending data from one place to another requires an efficient and reliable communication system. Only with the introduction of the Internet, we were able to communicate with the other end of the world through the transfer of digital messages as emails. However, due to an increase in the number of data theft and phishing cases of fraud over the Internet today, these emails are not secure. Therefore, the fear of facing a likely identity theft or unauthorized access to emails, people tend to set passwords to their email accounts. But related to the fact that it could be a number of hacking attempts on their email accounts, passwords are often complex set. As a result, people tend to forget their passwords. To overcome these situations, you must go to the email password recovery by a trusted third-party utility.

People generally have a number of accounts of different email clients like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Netscape Communicator, etc. As a result, they usually end up messing all passwords in memory. They are unable to remember passwords when they are required to access sensitive data stored in their emails. In such circumstances, only one password recovery software email can provide some relief.

These programs are able to recover domain names, passwords and user names for various email clients like MS Outlook, Windows Live, Outlook Express etc. e-mail password recovery and stored in a separate text file. To ensure the safe recovery of lost mail password in every situation.

Stellar phoenix mail password recovery software is one of the most relieble software to recover lost email client password.
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to solve auto log off immediately after log on problem of windows OS

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If you are using windows operating system without antivirus, it is most probability that virus will attack on windows operating system and corrupt it. OS corruption is cause of several computer problems. In one such issue your system will automatically log off immediately, after log on even if you have correct windows login password. Wrong username or password may also be reason for above problem, windows password recovery is required in this case.

Problem: Windows based computer system starts normally. The Windows screen appears correctly and the login screen then loads correctly. You can then enter your username and password as normal, but as soon as you try to start a session that is immediately logged out. The desktop does not even load. Moves immediately back to the login screen where you can enter your username and password again. No matter how many times you try to connect always the immediate experience of this closing session. Even if you try to log on the computer in Safe Mode you still experience the same problem.
Cause: The most common cause of above problem is virus attack. If you are familiar with the Windows registry, this virus changes some registry key values ​​that make it impossible to access your computer. If you are not familiar with the registry, do not worry. I will post links to some articles that explain clearly how to solve this problem.
Solution: Insert the original Windows XP CD (Windows XP with Service Pack 2 is preferred, but not required) and reboot the computer. You may need to configure your computer to boot from the CD-ROM drive.
1) When the Windows XP Setup has started, press “ R” to “ repair the Windows XP installation using Recovery Console” .
2) Select the Windows installation to repair (generally this is C:\Windows) by typing its number and then pressing ENTER.
3) Type the Administrator password and press ENTER.
4) Type the following commands:
NOTE: If your CD-ROM drive has a different letter assigned to it, enter “ X:” instead, where X is the appropriate drive letter.
After entering “ EXPAND USERINIT.EX_ C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32″ you should see the text “ 1 file(s) copied” , in which case all went well.
Remove the Windows XP CD, type “ EXIT” and press ENTER to restart your computer. You should now be able to log on as normally.
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Reset Passwords which are auto assigned to user accounts after you upgrade to windows XP

Windows operating system is most trusted OS. It have great security features, to prevent unauthorized access. But some times these security features may create problem for users. If you are upgrading windows xp then be careful because windows xp may assign auto generated password to user accounts (these account may not have password previously). You will not able log on in to your computer because you don't know user password.
This problem occurs due to windows setup (i.e. Installation or upgrade) not completed properly. Windows setup assigns temporary password during the upgrade process and it suppose to remove this password when setup completed. You can find this temporary password in Setupact.log file that present in the folder where windows xp is installed.
It is very easy to overcome from this problem. There is separate solution for FAT and NTFS based partitions. Steps to reset auto generated password in windows XP for NTFS partitions are written below.
  1. Change BIOS setting and make CD-ROM drive as first boot device.
  2. Insert bootable windows XP CD in to CD-ROM drive and restart your computer.
  3. During reboot “Press any key to boot from CD” message will be displayed on monitor, press any key to boot from windows bootable disk.
  4. Press “R” for recovery console when “Welcome to setup” screen is displayed.
  5. Select the installation that you need to access from the Recovery Console.
  6. You are prompted for the Administrator password. If the Administrator password is set to use a blank password, just press ENTER.
  7. Type “type setupact.log” kine on command promt and press ENTER.
  8. Search for the following line, where Username is name of account and xxxxxxxxxxxxx is password for account.
  9. Please note down password that appears in Setupact.log file.
  10. Type exit at the command prompt, and then press ENTER to quit the Recovery Console and restart the computer.
  11. Now you can log on into your system with the password which you retrieves from Setupact.log.
After successful login in to your system you can change password with use of control panel.
For any reason if you are not able to retrieve password from Setupact.log, then find third party password recovery software to reset windows password.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reset Lost or Forgotten Windows 7 Admin Password by Command Prompt

PasswordImage via Wikipedia
Computer users usually use admin password to protect confidential data and keep changing it at regular interval due to security reasons. User may forget their password due to regular password change by which the whole computer data become inaccessible for him. Windows 7 have few options by which you can reset your lost admin password, like password reset disk and through command prompt. Here I am going to explain how to reset windows 7 password with command prompt.
At the time of windows 7 installation it creates a build-in administrator which has no password and it is disable by default. You need to enable this admin account before you lose your password. If you enabled it then proceed as follow -
  1. Start your computer and press "F8" while the computer boots up. The Advanced Boot Options screen appears.
  2. Scroll down to "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" with the arrow keys on the keyboard and press "Enter." Your computer starts in Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
  3. Select the Administrator account that appear in the screen, then enter command prompt.
  4. Suppose you lost account password of admin (sampatrik).
Type: net user sampatrik 123456 and enter, it will show you a message that” the command completed successfully.
  1. Restart your computer, and then you can log in as sampatrik with the password 123456. You can go to control Panel to change your account password if necessary.
Note: There is one problem with using command prompt to reset windows admin password is that you need an active user account which have administrative permissions. If you have this type of account then you can reset your password.
If you didn't enable build-in administrator account before losing your windows admin password. In that case you can't login into your computer, so can't use command prompt option to reset windows admin password. In this type of situation you need to use windows 7 password recovery software to regain access of your computer.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Forget Windows XP login password ? Recover it in 5 minuts

Windows XPImage via Wikipedia
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Are you searching for Windows XP Password Recovery options ? If you have lost your current password for XP and I can not access Windows XP anymore, then I will help you recover your password on the faster, easier and safer. In this way, you can retrieve your password which means that XP will be able to connect again.

Two Options are available for Windows XP Password Recovery .

1. The first option is that you start reinstalling your version of Windows XP. While many people are saying that this is the best way, But it is not real option. When you reinstall Windows XP, which will take many hours to finish installation. In addition, you'll lose your files and programs, because they will get deleted. For these two reasons I recommend you go with second option.
  1. Using a Windows XP Password recovery program to automatically retrieve your XP login password.
    When using this option, you do not have to waste a several hours, and you don't have to lose your files and programs. By doing this, you use an automatic Windows XP Password Recovery software program that helps you quickly retrieve the password for XP. This tool will automatically reset the password to blank for Windows XP so you can log back into XP without using a password. A great program called Stellar phoenix windows password recovery tool.

    How it works:

    1 – Create bootable CD of Password recovery software.
    2- Boot your computer with this bootable CD. In software interface click on Find Password
    3 – This software will start locating your system user.
    4- It will give list of users of that computer select user and click on Reset .
    5 - Once done, simply restart your computer and you can log back into Windows XP without using a password.

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