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How I Can Recover Lost Outlook PST Password

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--> MS Outlook is use to receive confidential Email related to business. In MS outlook all mails and personal data is store in PST (Personal Storage Table) files. To impose security on the confidential emails and data users can protect it with PST password. But this PST password some times become problem for the user when they lost or forget it. At this point of time PST password recovery is required. PST password recovery software is required to recover lost PST password.

Remove PST Password :

In order to make PST compatible with later versions of Outlook, Microsoft provides a utility called pst19upg.exe. The process requires a space of about three times the size of the original PST. The first file should be backed up and scanned using scanpst.exe. Then pst19upg. exe can be used in the files via command line as:

'C: My Documentspst19upg.exe'-x outlook.pst.

Note: full path may vary pst19upg.exe

A copy of the PST file is created, but with the extension .psx. You can then rename the original PST and use of 'C: My Documentspst19upg.exe'-i filename.psx for password free PST file. We can scan and opens it in Outlook for use. The utility has two basic limitations: Does not support Unicode format of Outlook 2003 and 2007, and secondly, it may fail in some cases.

PST Password Recovery

Outlook Password Recovery is possible because the technique for storage of PST password allows password recovery using special tools. Outlook uses 32-bit hash value to store the password that can be generated using CRC32 (Cyclic Redundancy Check32) algorithm. Therefore, any value that can match the corresponding CRC value can be used to open the locked PST. Commercial PST Password Recovery programs make it feasible to get these matching set of passwords. Therefore we have to decode and carry out the complex process that is complex. Thus we need not decode it and carry out the complex procedure that is complex. These Outlook Password Recovery programs give interactive interface and are safe due to their read-only nature.
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