Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How To Recover Password Of Chit-Chat For Facebook Instant Messenger

Chit-chat for facebook is instant messaging desktop application for chatting with facebook friends. It uses Facebook login details email id and password. If you ever forget or lost password of chit chat instant messenger then you can recover it from . If you could not able to recover with that option then third party chit chat password recovery software is only option to regain access of your account.

In password loss situation first try to recover password with, follow given steps for facebook password recovery.

  1. Type in your web browsers address bar.
  2. Now click on “Forget your password ?” option.

  1. You will send on Trouble Accessing Your Account ? Page.

  1. Enter you registered Email ID or Mobile number with correct CAPTCHA and click on Continue.
  2. Now click Reset My Password on Confirm Password Reset Request page.

  1. Now Check Inbox of your email. You will receive a confirmation code, insert confirmation code and click on submit.

  1. Now you will get option to enter New password and Confirm Password. Insert here your desire password and click on Change Password option.
  2. Login into facebook account with new password.

Use this new password to login into chit-chat for Facebook tool. In any situation if you are not able to reset your chit chat for Facebook password with above written method then don't worry there is one way which allow to recover chit chat for Facebook password. This instant messaging tool basically saves password in encrypted file. There are few tools are available which can decrypt password file and retrieve password. One such tool is Stellar Phoenix Messengers Password Recovery Software. Use it to recover lost or forgotten password of chit-chat for Facebook instant messenger.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Unlock password-protected Email Account

Outlook Express
Outlook Express (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Each one of us wants to keep our vital data safe and protected, whether it is data stored on the hard disk or data contained in an email messaging application. For the same reason, all email applications support password-protection and give you the opportunity to lock your email accounts containing a warehouse of confidential and business-critical information. For most of us, the task of remembering the password is quite horrifying and tormenting. Losing the password of your email account or some other application is a frequent problem faced by almost every user. This problem will indeed make all your work-related mails and other items inaccessible and pose a serious threat to your productivity. To avoid such circumstances, you should use competent Mail password recovery software.

I want to discuss a similar case of one of my close friends. He has a habit of setting strong passwords to his email accounts and follows a routinary practice of changing the password frequently. He has a multitude of accounts configured in various email clients. Well, for security reasons, changing the password in a week or two is often advised. However, this can also prove to be dangerous. You may easily lose these passwords and end up making all your email account data inaccessible.

Additionally, complex passwords are generally difficult to crack using the simple and conventional methods. But, at the same time, they are hard to remember. My friend had a similar problem. He lost the password set to his own mail account and made his account permanently inaccessible. His attempts to recall the password ended with no successful result.

In all such situations, it is wise to opt for a third party Mail Password recovery tool. Before going for a third party tool, do not forget to use all the inbuilt measures to recover your lost password.

There are a range of software in the market that can be used to recover password of all commonly-used email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live, Incredimail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape Communicator, etc. These software employ advanced brute-force attack to quickly get close to the exact password match. Such software are available in both the 'Demo' and 'Full' versions. The 'Demo' version can be easily downloaded from the Internet.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Excel Password Remover to Reset Password of Protected Excel File

Dock icon for Excel 2011 for Mac
Dock icon for Excel 2011 for Mac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you searching for an option to protect your Microsoft Excel sheet? Or you do not want any one to make any alteration in your MS-Workbook? Or you do not want anyone to even open your MS-Excel sheet until and unless you provide him/her a password? Then don't worry! This is possible with latest versions of Microsoft office. Confidentiality and privacy are the two words which developed the need of password protection in your Microsoft Office Suit applications. Therefore, you can save your important Microsoft Excel sheet in three different manners like:

  • Password To Open: Applying this utility no one can even open your excel sheet until and unless he/she has the password. You can do this via Save As>>Tools>>Security Options and an existing one Main Menu>>Tools>>Options>>Security.
  • Password To Modify: So, after applying this protection, you can protect your Excel sheet from unwanted changes. Thus, the people who only know the password can make alterations in your MS-Excel sheet. To do so go to Tools>>Protect Document or Unprotect Document

However, to remember a lot of password is out of the strength of humans and provide the same password to different files does also not make sense. Hence, various big organizations which use password to protect their Excel sheets also provide use MS Excel password recovery tool.

Let me tell you my example. I joined a new office last week, the person whose work I have to handle, had protected some of his Excel files and went without telling their password to anyone. However, to start the work I have to view few of them. The situation became worse when I found out that I can not even open some of the very important files. I immediately told the whole situation to my Team Lead and he recommended me to contact the system administration department. I contacted them and told them the case. Therefore, to recover Excel password, they installed a password recovery software in my computer and in just few clicks and short time I all of the passwords were saved in the text document format at the prescribed location in my computer.

An efficient Excel password remover software can recover both the passwords 'to open' and 'to modify'. These software use Brute-Force attack mechanism to give you 100% result. The software which I used provides various parameters that help to narrow down the search for Excel password. Hence, most of the software can recover the password from Excel sheets created in MS Excel 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

How to Resolve “Not a valid password” Error of MS Access Database

Are you getting “Not a valid password” error message while opening password protected MS access database? You get frustrated because MS access didn't taking correct password. In this post I will demonstrate why you are getting this error? And how you can resolve this problem?

Cause of the Problem: This error occurs when your password ends with backslash (\). Due to some unknowns reasons this error message pop up whenever you try to open ms access database with password which ends with backslash.
You can verify this error by following below written procedure.
  1. Start MS access.
  2. Create new database with name sample.mdb.
  3. Now navigate Tools > Security > Set Database Password.
  4. Write 123456\ (your selected password ends with backslash “\”) in password and verify box.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Now open this sample.mdb database and write 123456\ in password box and hit OK. You will get error “Not a valid password” error message.

Once you have verified that you are getting same error and reason is password ends with backslash. Now question remains how to remove or reset access database password?

In this case you know exact password but cannot access your file with it so access password recovery tools are not useful for you. Basically you want access of your important data right? You can import data from password-protected access database to newly created database.

Below written steps will help you to import data........
Note: This procedure need to reference the Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library.

  1. Start MS access database.
  2. Create new database importDB.mdb.
  3. In the Database window, click Modules, and then click New.
  4. Type code written in the following image. Please download image and zoom it for clear visibility.

  1. Replace with actual password of your database in the following code.
  2. Now in the View menu, click Immediate Window.
  3. In immediate windows write following command and press Enter. ?ImportDb("")
If you follow each step correctly then this code will run successfully and your whole data will import to new database importDB.mdb. Because this database is not password-protected so you can access your valuable data.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reset windows password with “Offline NT Password and Registry Editor”

There are several methods to reset lost windows administrator password. You can reset password if you boot your system in safe mode with command prompt, use password-reset disk, use windows installation disk and use offline NT password and registry editor are very helpful methods to reset lost windows password.

In this post I am sharing how you can reset windows password with offline NT password and registry editor.

Offline NT password and registry editor are windows registry editor tools and you can download it for FREE. It can reset password of any length and complexity. It supports all windows versions from windows NT3.5 to windows 7.  It didn't required access of your computer because it can work offline.

1.In the case if you ask windows to lock files with password at the time of installation then with this method you will get access of your computer but files and folder will be inaccessible for you.
2.Be very careful while editing windows registry because if you edited any wrong file then it may create problem for you.

Here the steps to reset windows password with offline NT password and registry editor.
1.Get live CD of offline NT password and registry editor.
2.Reboot your system with live CD. It will find all partitions of your drive.
3.Select that partition in which windows houses.
4.In next step provides location of password registry. In most of cases default path works.
5.After reading password registry tool will print list of all valid users and provide you option to set new password, wipe the password, enable/disable an user, or escalate their privileges to those of an admin. Make sure you write the changes to the registry before exiting the tool.
6.Set new password for any user you want.
7.Now exit.

Now boot your system normally and login with new password. You are able to login your computer. It works perfectly almost in every condition. 
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