Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How To Recover Outlook Express Password By Using DOS

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It is very important to save your password in some other location, when you configure email account with outlook express. Because if you forget or lost outlook express password then you can't able to access outlook express. To regain access of outlook express you need to recover its password, if you have administrative access then mail password can be recovered with Windows Command Prompt. If you don't have administrative access the mail password recovery software is required to recover lost password.
Administrative account holders follow steps written below to recover lost Outlook express password:
Note: This process will fail if you don't have admin access.
Step 1) Login in computer with administrator account.
Step 2) Open a command prompt by clicking "Start," "All Programs" "Accessories" and "Command Prompt".
Step 3) Type "oe6.exe-I" "-p" at the command prompt, where "" is the e-mail address to retrieve password.
Step 4) Press "Enter" and all information stored in the account is displayed in the command prompt, including the password for the email account.

For the users those don’t have administrator access of computer above process will not work. They are required to use some outlook express password recovery software. These password recovery software user friendly, have very good GUI and are very interactive. These are very simple to use and don't required any technical knowledge.
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