Friday, November 18, 2011

Reset Hacked Gmail Password When You don't Know Recovery Email And Security Question


From last few months I am observing that hackers are become more active to hack personal Gmail accounts of many users. They find several ways to hack your Internet identity (Username and password). Yesterday I have read news which says that approximately one million facebook accounts has been hacked. Because this is era of computer and internet, maximum services are now connected through email ID, and passwords of other services and be reset with the use of Email ID. Our net banking password, credit card information, insurance information can easily being stolen and misused if anyone hacked your email password.

If in any case your email ID password has been hacked then it is advisable to change account settings of all services which is connected to your personal email ID. Once you are through with changing the setting then you need to reset email address password.

When hackers, hack any email ID, first of all they change the following setting of your email account such as email id for password recovery, mobile number and security question, so that you can't reset your password. Today I am going to share if you have Gmail account then how you can reset the password. Gmail still provide a way to reset your password, if you don't have recovery email address, mobile number and security question.

Important thing is to remember the date of creation of your gmail account (You can get it by seeing first email on your account), last remembered password, 5 contact email address and name of few labels. Here I am going to explain the way to recover lost Gmail password, follow the steps written below.......

  1. Open and click on the option “Can't access your account?

  1. Forget password recovery page will open that will ask to enter the email ID for which you want to recover password. Enter email ID and click Submit.

3. In next step captcha will be appear fill it correctly and click continue.

4. A webpage will open which will ask you to choose password recovery method i.e. send password on recovery email id and through mobile number. But you don't have any one of these; you need to click on “verify your identity” link.

5. Now the final form for password recovery will open, try to fill this form correctly (If not remember exact date then fill approx dates). Your password recovery will be depending number of answers you fill correctly or nearby correct. Google will reply you within 24 hours with steps which need to follow for password recovery.

Note: Always keep date of creation of your email ID at safe place, it will help you to recover hacked password. If you not remember date of creation then check your first email send by Gmail team on your email address.

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