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Use System repair disc to recover windows 7 admin password

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Windows 7 becoming popular day by day, but users are not very much aware about this new operating system. Uses are facing several problem while using this new operating system. Windows 7 admin password recovery is one such problem. This problem arises when use forget or lost windows 7 admin password, in this situation user will not able to access his computer. Their are several ways to recover windows admin password, one of then is discuss below.

Password recovery with System repair disc

In addition to the password reset disk, the password recovery options of widows is another feature of Windows that allow you to make Windows 7 password recovery. To access the password recovery options in Windows, you must create a system repair disk.
    1. Insert the disc repair system in the Start Search box and press Enter.
    2. Select a CD / DVD and insert a blank disc to create the disc repair system.
    To start the Windows Recovery Environment, insert the repair disk in the drive system and reboot the PC through the CD / DVD. Select the Windows installation from the list when prompted. The system recovery options will be shown as follows.

    When you can have access to Windows 7 with another administrator account
    Of course, if you have another administrator account access, you can simply run Windows 7 password recovery through it. Register your Windows machine 7 with an access account, then follow these tips for password recovery.
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