Thursday, December 8, 2011

How To Recover Lost Or Forgotten PDF Password

PDF documents are largly used because of its security and flexibility. In all type of documents PDF are most secure because it uses passwords to restrict number activities. It have two type of password user and owner. PDF save in encrypted format, without having correct password anyone can not access protected PDF files.

But these advanced security features sometimes become problem, when user forgot or lost PDF password. Unfortunatly their is no other way to access password protected PDF file instead of having correct password. In the password loss situation PDF password recovery is required with some advanced PDF password recovery tool.

If you lost “password to open” document then it is quite difficult to recover password. There are three algorithms Brute Force attack, Key Search and Dictionary attack are available to recover lost password. You need to find a software which is using these methods .

Their are several PDF password recovery software are available, search on Internet and find that one which is compatible with your system configuration. Password recovery tools are read-only tools it doesn't alter your documents. Follow these steps to recover lost password...

  1. Download PDF password recovery tool.
  2. Install it on your computer.
  3. Launch PDF password recovery tool.

  4. Select file for which you want to recover password.
  5. Use mask if you remember anything about password.
  6. Click on Start.

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