Monday, March 26, 2012

Types of Excel Password and Methods to Recover These Passwords

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MS Excel is one of the most widely used spreadsheet applications that is typically used for maintaining records. It is well- known for performing fast calculations and for its advanced macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. It is a cynosure of both the office and home users. You can also secure your Excel spreadsheet by applying a set of passwords. In this way, you can prevent unauthorized users from accessing or tampering with your work-related data. You can protect a single cell, multiple cells, or the entire Microsoft Excel sheet. Microsoft provides two types of password protection to your excel workbook:

  • Password To Open: The 'Password To Open' prevents your Excel workbook from unauthorized or unwanted user access. You cannot open your Excel workbook without knowing its 'Password To Open'.
  • Password To Modify: After you apply the 'Password To Modify', your workbook (excel sheet) becomes 'read only'. This means that no one can make changes to the Excel workbook without knowing its 'Password To Modify'.

However, a majority of users are inclined to set strong passwords to their Excel files. As a consequence, they end up losing these passwords and making their important records and other data in the spreadsheet inaccessible. To deal with such circumstances, you need to go for excel password recovery through a competent third-party tool.

Let us discuss a practical scenario. Suppose you are an HR of a big multi-national firm. You are responsible for creating a salary description sheet in MS excel 2007 for every employee and also protect this document from authorized user access. To accomplish this, you set a 'password to modify' to your Excel file. You also maintain a Word document, which contains passwords for all the employees. One fine day, you unknowingly delete the Word document by pressing 'shift+delete'. Soon after this, you realize that you have done a blunder. At this stage, the need for an Excel password recovery software ensues.

These third-party software use Brute-Force attack to try out every possible character combination for cracking the lost Excel password. They can accurately recover both 'password to open' and 'password to modify'. They use advanced masking techniques to effectively narrow down the password search and also allow saving the password recovery log in a separate text file. Additionally, they support MS Excel 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Recover your lost IM Messenger Password with 100% accuracy in just a few clicks

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Chat messengers have brought about a revolution in the field of online communication. Through chat messengers, we can easily communicate with our loved ones in a mere negligible cost. Previously we can only chat through text, but now there are enhanced modes of communication, such as voice and video calling. Some of the popular chat messengers are Google Talk, Yahoo messenger, Skype, etc. The modern generation is tech-savvy, also called the generation of Internet. You just need to mention about a social networking site and they are all game for it. But, to remember the passwords of so many chat messengers and social networking sites is a tedious and cumbersome job. Most of the times, these passwords are easily forgotten by the users. At the end of the tunnel, you are only left with the daunting task of making suitable guesses or trying your luck at hit and trial. However, there are various third-party IM password recovery software available on-line to help you effectively retrieve your forgotten password.

Consider a real time scenario. Suppose you have accounts on almost all social networking sites and chat messengers. A new chat messenger has been launched, which provides good quality video and voice chat. You register yourself over there, as you have many relatives and friends across the globe with who you need to keep in touch.

So, you installed the chat messenger and created your account there. On the very same day, you checked it and found that it was worthy. Due to some important office work, you couldn’t access your account for 4-5 days. On the weekend, when you tried to access the account, you realized that you forgot the password. Oh.. it was a mishap as you have given time to one of your close friends and creating another account at this stage would take longer.

Just to get over this problem, you tried to google Instant Messenger password recover. What you found was amazing. There were innumerable third-party utilities available on-line that may help you to get back the lost or forgotten password. These software are easy-to-use applications to efficiently perform quick recovery of the lost messenger password. They also allow you to save the recovered password in the text file at any location of your choice.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A third party password Recovery software protects you from facing password loss situation

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Each one of us want to keep our vital information/data protective whether it may be a data that is contained in a system or a data that is contained in the messaging application. For the same reason, all the e-mail applications provide you an opportunity to protect the data contained within them with the help of a password. Many of us found the task to remember password quite difficult. Losing a password of your e-mail accounts and other applications is a common behavior. The problem of forgetting a password cannot be permanently solved because it is a part of our mind to forget the things after a small amount of time. Forgetting passwords can lead to serious problem also. Well, in such cases, a third party Mail password recovery software.

Discussed is a case of one of my close friends. He always apply a password that contains a large number of characters in it. He has number of e-mail accounts. Well, for the security point of view, applying a long password proves beneficial as well as harmful. Let us see how it is beneficial and harmful. Long password takes quite big time to crack whereas many times it becomes quite difficult to remember as well. Same is the case happens with him. He lost or forget password of his e-mail account. Due to the lost password of his e-mail account, he fail to access the data of his e-mail account.
His number of attempts to recall the password ends with no successful result.

In all such situations in which you have lost or forgotten a password of your e-mail account, it is good to opt for a third party Mail Password recovery tool. Before going for a third party tool, do not forget to use all the inbuilt measures to recover your lost password back.

For your information, a lots of software are available in the market that is used to recover password of e-mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live, Incredimail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape Communicator, and more within a small amount of time. A high-end scanning algorithms are employed by such software. It is a good solution to get back the password. It is advisable to select a software carefully. Many times, fake statements have been made for the promotion of the product. Such software are available in both demo and full versions. Through these tools, you can save the recovered e-mail password in the form of a text file.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How To Recover Lost Or Forgotten Password Of Foxmail

Foxmail is one of the popular email clients. User can apply password on Foxmail to protect unauthorized access for their important emails. But their emails become inaccessible when they lost or forget foxmail password. In case you lost or forgotten Foxmail passwords then don’t worry because there are few easy methods available for Foxmail password recovery.

Foxmail stores encoded password in Account.stg file. You need to find a decoder which can decode encrypted password.

Here are simple steps for mail password recovery of Foxmail.

1)  Find the location of file Account.stg where Foxmail stores encrypted password. Below the path of Account.stg file written....
[Windows - 32 bit]
C:\Program Files\Foxmail\mail\\Account.stg

[Windows - 64 bit]
C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxmail\mail\\Account.stg

2) When you get Account.stg then open it with Notepad. You will see some junk data followed by valid account information with encoded password.

3) From information written above you can see two passwords ESMTPPassword and POP3Password.  You can use anyone of these encrypted passwords to decrypt original password.

 The above written method needs a good Foxmail password decoder to decrypt password which you can get from Account.stg.  This method is little bit time consuming because you have to find the location of Account.stg file and you need to search some good password decoder. In other method you can simply use mail password recovery software that will recover your lost Foxmail password in just 2 mouse click.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

How To Create Excel Content With Restricted Permission

Apart from applying password on excel workbook you can also apply restriction on content. Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 has Information Rights Management (IRM) feature with that you can apply restriction on particular content. Restricted content can be visible only by authorized users. Only owner of document can apply content restriction, it required email ID or name person you want to give permission.
Follow the steps given below to apply content restriction..
  1. Start MS office excel 2003 and create new workbook.
  2. Go to File menu > Permission > Do Not Distribute.
  3. From Permission dialog box, select the Restrict permission to this check box.
  4. In the Read and Change boxes, type the names or e-mail addresses of people you want to give permission.

Note: - If you want to give all users permission, click Give all users Read access to the right of the Read box, or click Give all users Change access to the right of the Change box.
  1. Click OK, save your workbook and distribute to the people with permission.
You can allow users to view content without Microsoft Office 2003, the steps are written below
  1. In the Permission dialog box, click More Options.
  1. Under Additional settings, select the Allow users with earlier versions of Office to read with browsers supporting Information Rights Management check box.
If you want that only those users which have Internet connection can access your excel workbook then apply below written settings.
  1. In the Permission dialog box, click more Options.
  1. Under Additional settings, select the ‘Require a connection to verify a user's permission’ check box.
You can apply number of restriction for different purpose on excel workbook. But applying “password to open” and “password to modify” are the best way to protect excel workbook from unauthorized.
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