Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to crack password of word file

Have you ever been frustrated when you open an MS Word document, only to discover that it is prohibited by a dialog box, remembering that you enter your password forgotten? Of course, password protection can have the documents at our disposal to increase privacy and security, preventing others from editing or reading our text documents private. What if after breaking his head, they still make a futile effort? And when this happened - forgotten or misplaced password protected word document, what should we do? In the past, which is screwed to lose a word document, no matter how important it is. While developing the advanced technology that can now recover / crack your passwords for MS Word with the profits of the word password recovery.

before using this tool, you must learn these three types of password attack:

Dictionary attack Method

A dictionary attack is on trying all the words of an exhaustive list called a dictionary. a dictionary attack only those possibilities is most likely to succeed, typically derived from a word list, for example, a dictionary (hence the dictionary attack phase) or a bible, etc. In general, the dictionary attacks succeed because many people have a tendency to choose passwords that are short (7 characters or less), single words found in dictionaries or simple, easy to predict variations of words, such as adding a digit.

Brute force attack Method

A brute force attack is a strategy used to break the encryption. It is through the search space of possible keys until the correct key is found.

The selection of an appropriate key length depends on the practical feasibility of performing a brute force attack. By confusing the data to be encoded, brute force attacks become less effective because it is more difficult to determine when it has succeeded in breaking the code.

These are conventional methods to recover lost doc file password. If you are unable to recover word password by using above methods then you must go with word password recovery software. Which have functionality to unlock any password protected MS word files.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

PowerPoint password recovery by using a reliable password recovery tool

Technology is an outcome of the evolution of ideas. There have been a lot of technological inventions in the recent time and a lot more is still to make its way. It has made an impact on our personal and professional life in such a way that now everybody has become dependent on it. Despite of its positive aspects, it is often considered as a boon to organized crime. Several financial frauds and data theft cases, that we hear today, can be attributed to this technology alone. The criminal networks are turning to technology to target victims and their personal data for making illicit profits.
The fraudsters take advantage of advanced communication technologies and indulge themselves in various social networking practices to display their fake identities to other people. The email or phishing scams have also increased in number and will continue like that in the due course of time. A novice user, who does not possess much knowledge about the technology, chooses the easiest way to protect his confidential data from these intruders and on-line predators. He simply sets passwords to important files and folders in order to prevent their accidental or intensional modification by an unauthorized person. But passwords have a limitation that they are often difficult to remember. For instance, you are making a PowerPoint presentation containing screen-shots of your important projects modules. For safety reasons, you set a password to this file. The next day you try to access the same file, you come to know that you have forgotten the password. To overcome the problem, you need to go for PowerPoint password recovery through a reliable third-party utility.
Many people look up ways to make their password more strong. A strong password would be a tough job for anyone to crack. But in the process, they end up making their passwords complicated that could be hardly remembered by someone. The situation worsens when each file has a new password. It becomes impossible to keep track of all these passwords. As a consequence, your important data files become inaccessible and you lose all the valuable information stored therein. In such circumstances, you should take help of an efficient password recovery tool. For recovering the lost PowerPoint password, you should use some advanced PowerPoint password recovery software.
These software make use of several masking techniques for an accurate and reliable password recovery. The built-in dynamic dictionary helps to recover PowerPoint password in a comparatively lesser time by storing all the recovered passwords of the system.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Outcomes of losing your Access password and the possible resolution

Every business requires its data to be secure. Losing critical information such as bank account details, business transactions, inventory records, personal data files etc. may create panic and chaos as replacing these files would be impossible. Moreover, there is a huge risk that this information might get into wrong hands. That is why the need of data security is prevalent. People search for easy ways to keep themselves away from such data theft instances. Password-protection is provided as a built-in support in most applications nowadays. But, the complexity of these passwords makes them difficult to be remembered by the users. As a consequence, people lose the passwords set to their important files and thus, end up making these files inaccessible.

Let’s consider a real time example. For instance, you use an MS Access database to store the business transactions of your company. The transactions relate to all the customers, employees, and vendors of the company. To prevent any sort of unauthorized access and modification, you set a password to this database file. Sometime later, when you try to use the file, you come to know that you have forgotten its password. To overcome this situation and regain access to your file, you need to go for Access database password recovery through a reliable third party utility.

With a fear that the password may get easily hacked, people prefer setting strong passwords to their confidential files and folders. Some have a bad habit of setting a new password for each file. This probably increases the chances of forgetting the password. As a result, you would lose all the crucial information you saved in your password-protected or encrypted files.

To efficiently deal with all such cases, you need to take help of Access database password recovery software. These software employ a brute force attack mechanism to extensively search for the lost Access password. They maintain a dynamic dictionary that stores all the recovered passwords and helps to make the password recovery process less time consuming. They also maintain a log report of the recovery process, which includes the file size, file format, password etc.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lost or forget Word password is a problem, Here is how to Recover it

Sensitive and personal data of the MS-word files get secured by applying password to the Word file. Password protects your data from unauthorized access. But setting a password for MS-Word files, means that you have to keep the password very confidential. This mainly happens, if someone knows about your password. It might be possible that another person can access your file in which you have saved your password. To avoid such kind of situations, it is advisable to change the password on regular basis. But this solution has also some drawbacks. Chances of forgetting the last set password is more. And, it might be possible that there are lots of MS-Word files for which you have set the password. Remembering the password for number of files is not a simple task. Well, do not worry, you can opt for a third party MS-Word Password recovery tools.

Let us consider a practical scenario. Suppose, you tried to access one of your password protected MS-Word file. But it does not open because you have entered incorrect password. You are unable to remember the recently set word authentication key . Even by multiple attempts, you do not get any success. You can follow the below mentioned suggestions to recover Word password.

Make use of a password hint to remember the forgotten or lost password.
Try to find out the source where you have kept your password of Word file.
Enter the same set of characters that you use for your other e-mail accounts and for password protected files (if by chance they are same). Because it might be possible that you have set the same password as other files.

If still you are not able to open the password protected Word file, then it is good to opt for a third party Word password recovery tools. These tools are very handy and come with remarkably at a very low price. Depending upon your urgency, going for such a tool is the best possible alternative.
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