Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Recovery of hacked email password

Email accounts have made corresponding and transferring of data very easy. And with the password setting options available and the security questions settings, security of the account is not compromised. The email applications have simplified things further for the users. But what if, the password that you have set is not strong, and you come to realize that your email account is hacked, and the password has been changed. Well you have little option but to reset your email account password using mail password recovery software.

What are these recovery software?
These are complicated programs that can extract passwords of various application that are installed on your system. These programs apply algorithms to the registries and help you reset the lost or forgotten password, and retrieve forgotten product keys and serial number. These software are compatible with most of the Windows platforms. Not only that, they can recover usernames and passwords of different accounts that have been accessed through web browsers, e-mail clients, and FTP clients installed on the computer.
What is the assurance that the software will help me in my problem?
The chances of recovery are cent percent. Irrespective of your email clients, Outlook Express, Incredimail, MS Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Eudora, and Thunderbird, you are likely to lose your password. It is also possible that you need to reset the password of FTP mail clients, inclusing FTP control, FTP Commander, Auto FTP, BulletProof, Cute FTP, FileZilla, FlashFXP, FTP Voyager, FTP Navigator, Smart FTP and 32bit. In such a case, you need a reliable password recovery option. Don't just rely on any software, especially a freeware. Chances are you may lose a lot more than what you may possibly gain. To efficiently recover Windows password, you need to first research the internet, and find a reliable tool that has good reputation in the market. Also before recovering, you can download the trial version of such a software to be sure of its password recovery capability.
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Reset the password of outlook when it linked with yahoomail

One of the most important thing in today's life is email. It is the first thing that a professional checks. In fact, even non-working people use emails to interact with others and to send and receive attachments, jokes, etc. Emails are the most important means of sharing files and information. Even though Orkut, Facebook, Linkedln, etc, are great means for interacting and sharing, it is still through emails that important information, specially personal details like phone number, credit card details etc are shared. So these accounts are very crucial for a user. Imagine what would happen if a user realized that the password of his account is lost. How will the user perform password recovery? After all, various important emails are received through it.
You have an account on Yahoo!, and since you do not have a wireless Internet connection, you have configured your Yahoo account on your laptop in the Outlook application. This helps you answer a number of mails and client queries while you are traveling between office and home. With the habit of changing your password every week on Monday, you ensure that your account doesn't get hacked or something. As is the case, you changed your password on Monday, and while returning home, you met with an accident, and were on rest for a couple of days. It is only after a month of rest that you start working. As usual you access the Yahoo email account to change your password, but you realize that you have forgotten the password of your account.
Though it is possible to keep receiving and sending mails, the inability to change the password bothers you. After all, what if your account gets hacked. It is important to keep changing the password. Well, don't fret! There are options to recover your Yahoo mail password through Outlook password recovery software. These are third-party password recovery applications that apply complex algorithms to to the file to extract the data from emails clients, like Outlook.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to recover admin password in windows 7

Technology changes, and we will change accordingly. Once computer users only worked on MS-DOS. Today, many non-tech-savvy Windows 7 users do not even know anything about MS -DOS. So things are changing. At the beginning of things are complex, but today, they are not. But does that mean we have less problems? The answer is: No. The problems previously faced different problems we face today. For example, to load MS DOS, do not have to enter a password, but Windows 7, and many allow for earlier versions, and needless to say, upon request. Without entering the administrator password, you can not access your account. This means that if you forget, then you can not access your account. Unless you have some strategy for Windows 7 password recovery.

Because different computers and different versions of Windows have different strategies to recover the password for Windows, you have to find the appropriate method.
Now what kind of strategy can be adapted for a Dell laptop that is installed with operating system Windows 7.

Always have a password reset disk ready for this type of situation. This could be a USB memory key or floppy disk. At the logon screen of Microsoft Windows 7 that appears on your Dell laptop, click Reset password, and insert the restore disk. After that, you simply need to follow the instructions on the screen. This disc is specific to recover the password for a user account, and is valid for that account, regardless of how many times you change the password until a new record is created.

However, if you're reading this article after you lose your password, to see what can be done, then you have to install Windows 7. However, if you do not have a backup, then you have to be prepared to lose your vital data, unless you have a password recovery software with you.
These are the third-party tools that use complex algorithms to the system for recovering Windows passwords effectively without reinstalling your Windows account.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Stellar launched Archive Password Recovery 1.0

Gurgaon, India (September 15, 2010), Stellar Information Systems Limited, a leading provider of data recovery software and services, today announced the launch of a new product for password-protected WinZip files, Stellar Phoenix Archive Password Recovery 1.0. The announcement of this useful application brings relief to users who lose or forget the password set on their files of WinZip.

This new application to open password protected archives by the successful implementation of dictionary and brute force attacks. There are several options, including tape, are provided to help you optimize the task of password recovery. Ensure extremely fast and safe recovery of passwords, this product is compatible with WinZip files created in versions 8.x 14.x.

Developed to break all kinds of passwords file, this application incorporates a graphical user interface highly intuitive to help users get quick and efficient results.

"Users are faced with trivial issues like forgetting passwords for archive files vital to increase the rates that hinder their routine work. Stellar has come to an effective remedy in the form of password recovery file that installs all their concerns and helps them work more effectively, "said Sunil Chandna, Stellar Information Systems Ltd.

"Stellar data recovery engineers have worked hard, on the development of one of the best applications for Zip password recovery which recovers passwords with guarantee of 100 percent," he also said.

Key Features - Stellar Phoenix File Recovery Password

Compatible with versions 8.x WinZip 14.x
* The DIY software with a simple graphical user interface
* Allows users to define the character sets that greatly help in password recovery
* Run a brute force attack automatically if no dictionary-based attack
* Ensure 100 percent recovery of passwords
* Includes several options for optimizing the recovery process
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Accessing Windows Data After Forgetting Windows Password

Going for a vacation doesn't call for carrying my laptop. So on my last trip, I went without mine, and after I came back, and rejoined office, to my horror, it didn't accept my password. I didn't know what to do immediately. I had a few meetings lined up for the next day, and had to go through certain files in context with that. But my laptop had suddenly stopped accepting my password. Then I remembered, I had changed my password two days before leaving for my vacation. And since I had not accessed it during the two weeks that followed, I had forgotten what I had changed it to! I had to look for ways to recover Windows password for my laptop.
Darn! Why did I have to change the password at that time. I could have changed it after coming back from the vacation! I could have changed it to something simple. But now what? I didn't have an answer to it! I discussed this with the network administrator in my organization. Here is what he suggested for password recovery:
  • Use the password hint on the Welcome screen of your account. The hint can be accessed by clicking on the icon with question mark that appears next to your user account.
  • To access the account use the password reset disk. The 'Password Reset Wizard' guides you through the entire process, and lets you enter a new password, and access your data.
  • Another option is to change the password of account by accessing the computer using another user account (provided it is an administrative account)
  • Use Windows installation CD/DVD to boot the system, and choosing 'Repair your computer', and then changing the password at the command prompt.
I unfortunately did not set the password hint, or create a reset disk, nor had another account set on my computer. And my laptop wasn't bundled with any Windows installation CD or DVD. I was stuck! Now what? How could I recover Windows password? Then one of my colleagues that I have lunch with, came and reminded me that it was time for lunch. Seeing my face, he asked me the problem, and instantly gave me the solution, when I told him my problem.
I immediately downloaded Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery Software and reset my forgotten passwords from my Windows operating system. But this software didn't just do that, it could recover user names and passwords for my mail accounts that I accessed via, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, MSN Explorer, and Netscape Navigator. Whats more, this password recovery software recovers product keys and serial numbers of registered software as well.
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Forgot Your Password? Reset It!

Setting passwords to your Windows account is a fool-proof way that is used by almost all the Windows users worldwide. A password informs the system that the information is not being accessed by unauthorized people. A password generally comprises a secret word or phrase known only to the user or to a restricted group of people. Today, most of the applications insist that a user sets a password so that his files and data are accessible to him/her alone. For example, web-based emails, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clients, email clients, IM (Instant Messaging) clients, and many more. But if the user forgets his/her password, then he/she needs to recover Windows password using specialized methods, or by opting for password recovery software.
Enlisted below are a few methods that a user can apply to recover his/her passwords in such a critical situation:
Password Hints in Windows: It is a simple method that can be applied by a user to recover password in Windows. This hint is generally located next to the password prompt text box, and when clicked asks you the hint question that you specified when you had set the password.
Password Reset Disk in Windows: Microsoft understands that such a situation can occur, and that is why Windows today enables the user to create a password reset disk, which when inserted allows the user to access the system, and to reset the password.
Forgot password in emails and IM clients: Since forgetting password is something which is not a new problem, these applications too consider that a user may forget his or her password. So, in case you forget password for these applications, then you simple need to select 'Forgot Password', and a new screen pops up that allows the user to enter a secondary email ID and a security question. On answering the question correctly, the login details are sent to the secondary email ID provided by you.
However, in case the specified ways do not work, and you are stuck, then you have no option but to opt for third-party password recovery software. These tools are capable of resetting your password, in case you forget the same.
Stellar Phoenix Windows Password Recovery is an advanced yet comprehensive application that is used to recover Windows passwords. It also recovers forgotten user names and passwords of applications accessed through various web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, MSN, Netscape Navigator, and more), FTP clients (Cute FTP, Smart FTP etc.), IM (Google Talk and Windows Live), and email clients (Microsoft Outlook Express and Incredimail). Capable of recovering serial numbers and activation keys for applications that have been previously installed, the tool is a must have for all password recovery needs.
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How reset MSN messenger password

In the world of computer password protect your valuable information and data from hackers . A password is a secret word or phrase that is applied to restrict any intruders, hacker or unknown person to get access to personal information.

A password is generally applicable for authentication of identity or access to a specific resource. So, if you lose or forget your password the you can not access the location of the system. In addition, the lost password prohibit access to any application such as MS Office, Gtalk, MSN messenger etc.This would result in huge losses and the inaccessibility of the data or information, it will not be able to access your data, information or password protected location or application. To avoid this, write down the password somewhere where anyone can find it easily. And if you lose, you have to use a powerful password recovery software to reset your password.

You are a regular user of MSN messenger application. But one day, while trying to log in, could not remember the password for your account. Try hard to remember the password, but it vain. Finally, take the help of the 'Forgot your password "option to the application but not yet to retrieve your password. Finally, you give up hope, absorbed by the single thought - How I can access my account now?

Now, obviously, you do not want to lose your all your important emails, friend list, and contact which you have from long time. So you get worried and ask only one question with yourself “ will I get my email and contact back?”

The answer is simple, use a powerful password recovery application to recover your forgotten password. These types of software to use a high-level mechanism to recover all of their applications lost, deleted, or missing password chat including GTalk. These password recovery softwares can also reset any password used to access Windows.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reset Netscape navigator password

Internet users often have several different passwords to access accounts and services on a daily basis. In such situations, it is sometimes not easy to remember passwords. When it comes to the popular Netscape Navigator web browser, which allows you to remember your passwords unique tool called Password Manager. However, the passwords, which have never been saved in the Password Manager can be lost or forgotten. But not to worry! There are several Password Recovery Software available that can recover passwords and allow you to have uninterrupted access to their accounts website.

Be careful with the use of similar passwords for all email accounts. This is not only a source of confusion, but it is also necessary if you want to avoid leakage of confidential information. Many Netscape users can not remember your newly created password (s) simply because they are determined according to security requirements and have no meaning at all useful, so it can be easily forgotten. Also, sometimes it is difficult to remember many passwords used to open accounts in Netscape Navigator web site.

A typical case is when a Netscape user accidentally deletes the password in an attempt to eliminate privacy settings password manager. As a result, he / she loses access to some web sites that have opened in Netscape Navigator. This is more so, due to the fact that he / she can not remember the exact password.

How to prevent password loss :

If security is not a problem, you can allow Password Manager to store passwords for websites for you. Each time, try to log on a new website in Netscape Navigator, asking if it should remember the password. You can click on "Do you want Password Manager to remember this logon? And avoid typing the user name and password on every other attempt to open the account on the website.

Password Recovery:

By default, Netscape stores all passwords in encrypted form in one of your log files. By the user of Appropriate Password Recovery Software, you can restore all missing or lost passwords for accounts opened in Netscape Navigator.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

How to retrieve windows admin password

On a Windows computer system, an administrator or owner of the administrator account can access any other system in the organization. To do this, the administrator uses a password known as the administrator password. With this password, an administrator can reset passwords of users as well. Windows stores the password in its registry file named based SAM (Security Accounts Manager). Sometimes it can happen that you forget your administrator password. Because of this, you can not access the system that makes valuable data inaccessible. In these cases, you should try all sorts of techniques that can, to remember or retrieve the forgotten password. However, if you are not able to do so, then you should use a Windows password recovery software to recover Windows password.

If you forgot the administrator password for your computer system. You recently changed the password as requested to do so. You used that password long time and remember that password only. Try all sorts of permutations and combinations for the password, but in vain. You need desperately to get the password to retrieve all your vital data.

In the particular case, there are few things you can do, such as:

• Try to remember the password as hard as I can know that you should have done a lot of times, but give it a try one last time.
• It is possible that you may have not assigned any password to the user account. Therefore, leave the password field blank and press "Enter."
• Do not check if another user has administrative rights for your computer. If so, allow that person to unlock the system for you.
• As a last resort, you can also consider reinstalling the Windows operating system. However, that would make you lose your data .

However, if the above methods are not able to solve the problem, then you should use a password recovery software from third parties to do what is necessary for you. These tools are able to recover the password or reset windows password either for yourself or to put a blank password for it.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Launching of Stellar Phoenix Mail Password Recovery v1.0

Stellar Information system Lt. launched brand new Stellar Phoenix mail password recovery software which will easily recover your user name and password of all popular mail clients. This software recovers password in just one click. You don’t need to provide any additional information. You need to just install software and click on the mail client, of which you want to recover password.

This software is very fast and reliable. Password recovered by this software is 100% accurate.


It recovers password of all major email clients.

Recovers password with user name.

You can save user name and password in text file.

Supported to

a) Microsoft Outlook (2000, 2002, 2003, 2007)

b) Outlook express

c) Windows mail

d) Windows live mail

e) Incredimail (5.x, 6.x)

f) Eudora (4x, 5x, 6x, 7x)

g) Mozilla Thunderbird (2x, 3x)

h) Netscape Communicator (7x)

i) The Bat (4x)

j) Becky-Internet Mail (2x)

k) Fox Mail (5x, 6x)

l) Poco Mail (4x)

m) Pegasus Mail (4x)

n) MailThem Pro

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