Thursday, June 2, 2011

Forget Windows XP login password ? Recover it in 5 minuts

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Are you searching for Windows XP Password Recovery options ? If you have lost your current password for XP and I can not access Windows XP anymore, then I will help you recover your password on the faster, easier and safer. In this way, you can retrieve your password which means that XP will be able to connect again.

Two Options are available for Windows XP Password Recovery .

1. The first option is that you start reinstalling your version of Windows XP. While many people are saying that this is the best way, But it is not real option. When you reinstall Windows XP, which will take many hours to finish installation. In addition, you'll lose your files and programs, because they will get deleted. For these two reasons I recommend you go with second option.
  1. Using a Windows XP Password recovery program to automatically retrieve your XP login password.
    When using this option, you do not have to waste a several hours, and you don't have to lose your files and programs. By doing this, you use an automatic Windows XP Password Recovery software program that helps you quickly retrieve the password for XP. This tool will automatically reset the password to blank for Windows XP so you can log back into XP without using a password. A great program called Stellar phoenix windows password recovery tool.

    How it works:

    1 – Create bootable CD of Password recovery software.
    2- Boot your computer with this bootable CD. In software interface click on Find Password
    3 – This software will start locating your system user.
    4- It will give list of users of that computer select user and click on Reset .
    5 - Once done, simply restart your computer and you can log back into Windows XP without using a password.

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