Friday, November 11, 2011

Best Free Method To Reset Lost Windows Password

Lost windows user account password can be reset with windows administrator account. In case both user account & administrator password has been lost then it is difficult to reset windows password. There are several windows password recovery tools available to reset lost windows password, which work perfectly and reset password in few mouse clicks. All these software are paid and you will have to purchase. If you don't want to spend money on software then there is a way which may help you to reset lost password with yourself by repairing windows operating system.

Follow the steps written below to reset windows password:

1)Insert windows setup CD and boot your system and follow instruction.
2)Press “R” when it asks to repair your existing windows installation.

3)Now setup will start repairing existing windows. It will start copying files.
4)After few minutes your system will restart automatically. At one time "Press any key to continue..." message will appear on the screen, DO NOT press any key at this time. Setup will resume again.
5)A progress bar will display and start doing some other task.
6)Please look carefully on the screen and wait for the time when "Installing devices" will show on the screen, at this point of time, press +F10.

7)Command prompt windows will open, Now type nusrmgr.cpl and press .
8)It will open user accounts, just like which you seen in Control Panel.
9)From here you can reset or remove password of any account.  

If above method doesn't work for you then password recovery software will be best option.


  1. Hi, I follow steps which you are mentioned here and but culd not proceed after 6th step please help me.

  2. Hi Amithab, When you reach at the 6th step, keep monitoring screen of your system, when you see "Installing devices" on you screen press F10 the follow step 7 and 8. Hope this will work for you if you need more assistance then please post here....
    Sam patrik



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