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Ways to Recover Lost Administrator Password of Windows XP

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Windows password is best way to protect your computer from unauthorized access, whether it is for securing the innumerable email accounts or various applications and most importantly for the computer systems that most of the people use today. But the same advancement has been plagued with some major problems. And the most significant of these problems is that a password once set can be hacked if not changed on a regular basis, say once a week or month at the maximum. No matter how strong the password is, it may get hacked if user doesn't change it often. This brings the user to the state, where, user may forget the password in case particular account was not access from couple of weeks or so. So as user you must be having worry or thought ‘Is there any way to access or recover Window XP password? Without having old password, fortunately we have best password recovery software available which help user to access their account with lost administrator password.

A password is like the key that needs to put in the right way for a user to be able to get into their account. Otherwise, user’s Window XP administrator will be locked due to that user could not access saved files and important data/ document on the system. Let us see how a user can access their Microsoft Windows XP account even they have forgotten the set password.

The first and the foremost method have to try and recall the password. Was it your pet, somebody's maiden name, a phone number, or somebody's birthday date, address, something related to your past? Try to remember, and give it your best shot. That would certainly save you a lot of energy and money.
In case still the password is not recalled. Don't worry in this situation! Second as a user you can try to take help if there is other user's logged on to the system, and somebody else has administrator rights, then user may seek their help to reset password. If this doesn't work, then as user you can check the next step.

Do you remember that you created a password reset disk for your Windows XP. If you did, then, just pull it out! This is the right time to use it! But, in case you do not remember anything about it, then probably you didn't create it, and in case you did create one, you may not be able to recollect where you kept it! So forget it!

Now what? Are you planning to perform a clean installation of your Windows XP? Well, there is another option for you, before you decide to clean install the system! Opt for .Windows Password Recovery software. This software is very powerful and able to recover password in few minutes. It come with bootable CD, so you didn't required to install it. These are read only software so it didn't alter any windows internal files.
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