Friday, October 29, 2010

Stellar Launched Excel Password Recovery 1.0

Stellar Phoenix Excel Password Recovery 1.0 is an effective Excel password recovery software that recovers both the "Password to open" and "Password to modify" the password protected Excel workbooks. Exclusively developed for various MS Excel including MS Excel version 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000, the Microsoft Excel password recovery tool easily recovers password of Excel from Excel files encrypted using complex encryption algorithms.

This software is Compatible with Windows Vista, 7,Server 2003, Windows XP, and 2000, this Excel password recovery tool is extremely safe to use and does not damage the workbook as you recover Excel password. To retrieve your password, Excel password recovery software uses the mechanism of "brute force attack." Moreover, this password recovery tool promises to recover the password in all cases.

The main features of Excel Password Recovery:

* Recovers Excel workbooks encryption algorithm using any password encryption.
* Recover the password to open, and the password to change the MS Excel workbook.
* Provides various parameters to help narrow the search for the password for Excel.
* Uses the mechanism of "Brute Force Attack 'to ensure the recovery of the password with the success rate of 100%.
* Creates and uses a dynamic dictionary that provides more intrinsic precession in tracking lost password.
* Allows the option to save the password recovery registration in a txt file. That can be opened in a text editor such as Notepad.
* Recover password of Excel workbooks created in Microsoft Excel 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007
* Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP and 2000.

Excel Password Recovery Software Details:
Stellar Phoenix Excel Password Recovery 1. 0 uses different types of password tracking parameters to verify and recover the lost password. These parameters allow the software to run on a limited sample space to find the password. Another striking and unique feature of this XLS password recovery utility is the use of a dictionary is constructed by the software and stores the previously recovered passwords in it. This feature speeds up the recovery process by first using passwords passwords stored in the directory, while the recovery of Excel password. If the passwords stored in this directory does not work, only then the password software searches using various permutations of characters. The software interface has been divided into three sections that let you select the Excel file, set the password for your search criteria, and a registration section that shows the details of the process of password recovery. The three sections that the book helps Excel password recovery are:
  • Select File: This section helps you select the Excel file you want to retrieve the password. Click the button 'Select File' to select the Excel file.
    * This section lets you specify the search criteria password. It gives you several options that will eventually limit the search to provide greater accuracy in tracking the password, which reduces the search time. This section has two tabs to specify search criteria for the recovery of "Password to open" and "Password to modify." Both labels have similar sub-sections, including password length, mask, and character set.
    and Password Duration: Set the minimum and maximum number of characters allowed in password. Then the program will search the password using a combination of several characters in the range of characters. In this section, may provide the length of the password for the 'Password to open "and the" Password to modify. "
    or Mask: In this section, you can supply two specifications of character. They are:
    + From characters: This option can provide the initial character (s) of the password if you know or remember in some way. For example, if you remember the first four characters of a password, say, 'Reno', then you can give "rein" in this option. Then the program will search the combination of the other four characters starting with 'Rein.

  • + Character Mask: This option is especially useful if you know the exact number of characters and / or position of some of them in the password. Can provide the characters who knows the place like the rest? ". For example, if you know the top four and the last character 'r Rein??" The password 'Reindeer', then you can give this option. The software then looks for the characters left over with a different password.
    or set of characters: This section contains all the printable characters on your keyboard. If you have any idea what all the characters of the password contained, then you can select the type of character list. For example, if you are very sure that the password has only lowercase characters, you must select the 'a-z' check and so on.

  • * The third tab gives file status and the process of password recovery.

    Apart from these three sections, the interface also includes 'Start' button, which when clicked will start the password recovery process for Excel file. Table 'dialogue process' on the screen displaying the details of the examination. The usefulness of Excel passwords can establish criteria for password recovery for both open and edit. The passwords are retrieved and displayed in the 'Password recovery' dialog box.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reset CuteFTP password in easy steps

CuteFTP, a file transfer protocol (FTP) applications, easy loading, unloading and to editing files on remote FTPs computer user worldwide. It is one of the most popular FTP clients professional e-mail, which is available for Windows and Mac Given that CuteFTP is used to access important FTP accounts, password protection plays a vital role in maintaining the confidentiality of data. What if I forget or lose your password? Do not worry, read on to find the solution to password recovery.

CuteFTP password encryption is not too strong. Use single character (ASCII) text substitution cipher and plain text for storing passwords and encryption keeps a table that can be derived easily. These passwords are stored in a file called SMDATA. DAT, which also gives remote attackers the opportunity to access the file and decrypt the passwords.

The application has an option that can be used to store FTP site, including username, IP address, and password for immediate access later. CuteFTP directory stores data in encrypted form on file SMDATA.DAT.

CuteFTP offers many capabilities that make it a favorite of businessmen, professionals working, and several other categories of users. However, with so many passwords, PIN numbers, etc to remember, chances are that you can lose or forget the password associated. This can occur if you:

• Lose the file or document that the password has been written
• Forget the password that you do not access the account long

CuteFTP Password Recovery is simple. All you need do is download software password recovery supports recovery of lost or forgotten password CuteFTP. The related information can be found on the official website of the relevant application.

In general, applications password recovery is easy to operate, and exclusively designed to enable password access simple and fast. Unless used for piracy purposes of data (that is possible with free software, etc), these programs can be valid tools to recover lost or forgotten password for applications such as CuteFTP.
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Reset Your Windows Server password Even if the Administrator is Not Available

It is highly recommended that a user applies strong passwords to their accounts! Be it for their Windows account or for their important files, and for their email clients as well. Not only that, every utility that is available in the market, supports and suggests that. In fact many sites have made it mandatory to apply password with more than eight characters with a combination of numbers, both cases and special characters. Needless to say, it prevents your account from getting hacked, and thus protects your valuable data. But remembering the casing and correct sequence of the characters is one problem task. And that is why, this highly recommended feature too has its negative effects. To access your system in such a case, you have to perform Server password recovery.
Setting of Windows passwords requires the password to meet certain conditions that have been defined in the password policy for the Windows Server. A Server is defined to control all the systems in the domain, and is also referred as domain controller.
Consider, your company has lost its Administrator in an accident, and the new guy who has taken over, doesn't obviously know the Windows Server password. In this situation, you find it absolutely essential to get the password reset for the system, and to have a new administrator password set in its place.
To handle such a situation, you have little option but to set a new password for your Windows Server.
With the availability of reliable software for Windows server domain controller password recovery, it is not a difficult for a user to get the password reset and to get things back on track. The only difficulty is choosing the most powerful password that is capable of resetting any password, irrespective of how strong the password is. A reliable software can apply strong algorithms to the system, to reset the password. Most of the tools that are available in the market for Server password recovery do not give complete recovery, especially in case the special characters are used.
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Don't Worry if You Have Forgotten Your Windows XP Account Password

Setting up a password on a Windows account has probably been one of the most significant moves for securing an account, whether it is for securing the innumerable email accounts, or various applications and most importantly for the computer systems that most of the people use today. But the same advancement has been plagued with some major problems. And the most significant of these problems is that a password once set can be hacked if not changed on a regular basis, say once a week or month at the maximum. No matter how strong the password is, it may get hacked if the user doesn't change it often. This brings the user to the state, where, he may forget the password in case he doesn't use a particular account for a few days or so. To handle such situations, some ways have been devised to password recovery, so that the user can access his/her account.

A password is like a key that needs to put in the right way for a user to be able to get into his/her account. Otherwise, he/she is locked out, away from his files and important data. Let us see how a user can access his/her Microsoft Windows XP account after having forgotten the set password:

The first and the foremost method is to try and recall the password. Was it your pet, somebody's maiden name, a phone number, or somebody's birthday date, address, something related to your past? Try to remember, and give it your best shot. That would certainly save you a lot of energy and money.

No, you cannot remember? Don't worry! In case, there are other user's logged on to your system, and somebody else has administrator rights, you may seek their help to reset your password. If this doesn't work, check the next step.

Do you remember that you created a password reset disk for your Windows XP. If you did, then, just pull it out! This is the right time to use it! But, in case you do not remember anything about it, then probably you didn't create it, and in case you did create one, you may not be able to recollect where you kept it! So forget it!

Now what? Are you planning to perform a clean installation of your Windows XP? Well, there is another option for you, before you decide to clean install the system! Opt for Windows Password Recovery software.

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