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How to solve auto log off immediately after log on problem of windows OS

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If you are using windows operating system without antivirus, it is most probability that virus will attack on windows operating system and corrupt it. OS corruption is cause of several computer problems. In one such issue your system will automatically log off immediately, after log on even if you have correct windows login password. Wrong username or password may also be reason for above problem, windows password recovery is required in this case.

Problem: Windows based computer system starts normally. The Windows screen appears correctly and the login screen then loads correctly. You can then enter your username and password as normal, but as soon as you try to start a session that is immediately logged out. The desktop does not even load. Moves immediately back to the login screen where you can enter your username and password again. No matter how many times you try to connect always the immediate experience of this closing session. Even if you try to log on the computer in Safe Mode you still experience the same problem.
Cause: The most common cause of above problem is virus attack. If you are familiar with the Windows registry, this virus changes some registry key values ​​that make it impossible to access your computer. If you are not familiar with the registry, do not worry. I will post links to some articles that explain clearly how to solve this problem.
Solution: Insert the original Windows XP CD (Windows XP with Service Pack 2 is preferred, but not required) and reboot the computer. You may need to configure your computer to boot from the CD-ROM drive.
1) When the Windows XP Setup has started, press “ R” to “ repair the Windows XP installation using Recovery Console” .
2) Select the Windows installation to repair (generally this is C:\Windows) by typing its number and then pressing ENTER.
3) Type the Administrator password and press ENTER.
4) Type the following commands:
NOTE: If your CD-ROM drive has a different letter assigned to it, enter “ X:” instead, where X is the appropriate drive letter.
After entering “ EXPAND USERINIT.EX_ C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32″ you should see the text “ 1 file(s) copied” , in which case all went well.
Remove the Windows XP CD, type “ EXIT” and press ENTER to restart your computer. You should now be able to log on as normally.
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