Monday, May 9, 2011

Commands to reset windows 7 login password

Image representing Windows 7 as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBaseYou can use windows password reset disk to reset windows 7 user password if you forget it. But if forget to create reset disk then you need to use commands to reset your login password. lusrmgr.msc and Control userpasswords2 commands are very useful in above case. Follow steps listed below to use these commands.

To use above commands you must have to login in to your computer system with admin or any other user account.

Tips to use lusrmgr.msc command : This command is very useful for local user's which lost their password. Using this command is very simple.

a) Login in your computer with any other account.
b) Type “lusrmgr.msc” in start search box. A dialog box of Local Users and Groups will pop up.
c)Now double click on users folder, it will give list of all user of that windows 7 computer.
d) Right click on user and select “Set password” to reset password.

Tips to use control userpasswords2 command : This command will open classic User Accounts dialog. This dialog box will display list of all user of windows 7 computer, you can reset login password of particular user from here.

Note: Text search box of windows 7 does not recognize Control userpasswords2. But don't worry you can still use this command.

a) Press Win Key and R Key together, It will open Run dialog box. Type Control userpasswords2 in Run dialog box and hit Enter.
b) A classic User Accounts dialog will open, it will contain list of all user. Select User Name for which you want to reset password then click on Reset Password Button.

These commands can be used only when you have access of your computer with some other account. If you don't have access your windows 7 computer then you need to use third party password recovery software.
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