Monday, December 27, 2010

Access password recovery

Microsoft access database is most used database due to its simplicity and security. From students to IT companies, access database used everywhere. Everyone imposes security on mdb files by making it password protected so that no one can modify. To insure that no one can guess the password, we always create strong password which included alphanumeric and special character's. But it is very hard to memories these strong password and generally we forget our very important MS access password. What to do now ? Unfortunately you cannot recover access password by using windows inbuilt tools. You need a third party access password recovery tool to reset it.
Reason for forgetting Access password:
Several reasons are their due to which commonly forget or lost there password.
Some user frequently changes their password for security purpose which become most common reason for forget password. Creating a very long password which special characters is also a cause of forgetting password. Because if password contain special characters then it is very hard to remember that type of password.
It is always advisable that keep password short and write down some where so that if you forget then you can get password easily.
Solution: If you already forget or lost your access password then don't worry, you can still get you precious password back. Windows don't provide any option to recover access password but it doesn't means that you can not recover it. Several password recovery software are available which reset access password accurately without damaging system files.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Various Ways To Recover Password for your Windows Installation

With so many different accounts, it is difficult for people to remember each and every password. That is why, we do find ourselves forgetting passwords of different accounts. And amongst the various accounts for which you may forget password, you may also forget the password that you had set for your Windows account. But to access your data, you need to log into your account. For this, you need to either recover Windows password, or reset it. There are various ways by which you can perform Password Recovery, and in case they fail, you may also use a reliable Password recovery software for this purpose.
Consider, you changed password of your Windows account, but since you could not change the password of the other accounts that had the same password, you ended up forgetting the password the next day. Chances are that no amount of scratching of your head helps you remember the password. But, without the password, you cannot access your data. But in case you cannot remember your account password, then you can try one of the following ways to reset or recover the forgotten password:
  • In case you had set a Hint Question, then use that to remember your password. But in case, you didn't or you cannot remember your password, then try other ways.
  • If, you have an administrator account set on your computer, then log into that account to reset the password of your user account. This can be done by opening the Control Panel, followed by accessing User Accounts. Choose the account for which you need to change the password, or remove the password.
  • In case you had created a rescue diskette, now is the time to use that and recover the forgotten password.
  • If all other options do not work for you, then use a third-party password recovery software to recover your data. These are special tools that help a user get hold of forgotten password.
Since a large number of such tools are available on the Internet, it is possible that a user first downloads the demo version of the tool, if available, to check the interface and recovery capability of the tool. Various user-friendly tools with interactive-interface are available on the Internet.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Excel password recovery tool to recover excel password

Microsoft office package includes several very useful tools like MS word, MS PowerPoint, Outlook and MS excel. These tools make documentation very easy and reduces time to perform work. Microsoft excel largely used in corporate offices where security of data is very important. Best way to maintain confidentiality of excel sheet, make it password protected. But some time user put very strong password with alphanumeric and special characters. These type of passwords are very hard to remember and user forget it very easily. In this situation excel password recovery tool is needed to recover password of spreadsheet.
Reason to Loss excel password: There are several reason due to which peoples generally lost or forget MS Excel password some of then are given below:
  1. Choosing very long password: Some times user put very long passwords to provide extra security to the excel sheet. But user can't remember long password this cause loss of excel password.
  2. Password changes frequently: If you are changing your password every week then it will create problem for you because you can't remember several password for same sheet and this lead to password loss.
  3. Conflict in password to read and password to modify: Excel takes two types of password 1st one is “password to read” for reading permission only (you can't make changes), 2nd one “password to modify” to make changes in the spreadsheet. Some time use confuse with these password.
  4. Password hacked: If you cant open your excel sheet and you are sure that you are inserting correct password. Then it may be possible that some one hacked your password and changed it. To reset excel password you need some third party tool.
If you are facing any one of above situation then you need to recover excel password. Unfortunately MS office does not provide any password recovery option for excel. To retrieve excel password you need to use Stellar Phoenix Excel password recovery tool. It reset excel password of any length with 100% accuracy. It uses brute force attach technique and exclusive dictionary to provide fast password recovery and support MS Excel 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.
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