Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to set password of outlook PST File

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MS outlook is one of the most used MS office tool, it is used by millions of users world wide. It used for e-mail messaging and managing personal information. It have several other utilities like tasks, notes, journals etc which makes our daily life easy. MS outlook save each information in different files these files have .pst (Personal storage) file extension. PST files are saves in hard drive of your computer. Default location of PST files is \Users\your username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. You can set password on every .pst file to make it secure. Setting password on .pst file is very easy, follow steps which are mentioned below.
Steps for setting password on .pst files.
  1. Open outlook in File menu, click on Data File Management, that will open Account Setting dialog box.
  2. Find Data Files tab and click on Personal Folder files (.pst) for which you want to set password. Now click on Settings to open personal setting dialog box.
  3. Click on Change Password icon. If you are using Microsoft Exchange with your e-mail account then this icon will not appear.
  4. In New Password box type your new password. Your password not more then 15 characters, this password will be case sensitive. Always try to create strong password which include upper and lower characters along with numbers and special characters and length more then 8 characters.
  5. A verify Password box will open, type your new password again.
  6. If you are sharing you computer with others then never select Save this password in your password list check box. Because any other user of your computer can easily access your .pst files if you selected this option. If your computer is password protected and only you are the only user of your computer then you can select this option.
  7. Click OK two times then click on Close.
Congratulation you done it. Now your outlook pst files are password protected. But this password may create problem for you if you forget of lost it. In such case you need to recover outlook pst password with pst password recovery software.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I forget password of MS access file, How i can recover it ?

Stargate used hieroglyphs for passwords.Image via Wikipedia
Now days it is quite obvious that user forget password of MS access database files because use of several passwords on number of files. Smart computer users keep changing passwords at the regular interval, for security reasons. Due to regular change in password some times they forget password of old files. These password protected files are become unaccessible without password.
MS access password loss may create problems for you and your business because it contain valuable data. But in technology world solutions are available for every problem. Problem of losing mdb file password can be solved very easily. The most common solution is access password recovery software. This tool will recover your password and make your password-protected files accessible for you.
If your MS access password has been corrupted or loss then always prefer a password recovery software to get back you very important password. Several people uses Access database to store data related to office, and personal information, these data is very valuable for any computer user . If anyone loss this data due to password loss or corruption then it will create a mess. Use of MS access password recovery software is best way to end these mess. Access password recovery tool uses “Brute force” attack method to retrieve forgotten password. Which is very save and provide 100% recovery.
Always do some research while choosing password recovery software. Choose only advance tools which are compatible with your computer system and MS office. First use demo version of that software, if you are satisfied with results then go with full version.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to select excel password recovery software

PasswordImage via WikipediaMS excel used by millions of users world wide. It help to organize our data and able to do complected calculation in fraction of second. Passwords protect excel worksheet from unauthorized access. But some times you are trying to open password-protected xls/xlsx file and a prompt appears which is asking for password to open and password to modify. Your all efforts are gone waist because you are not able to recall password.

You can find several excel password recovery tools on Internet. These software basically used two methods to recover lost password, 1) Dictionary Attack 2) Brute Force Attack. In dictionary attack method, software have own inbuilt dictionary of all possible combination of words. Tool try to match your password with these words. If password is of simple combination of words like all Caps or all lower case then these software works very fast with dictionary attack method. But if password is combination of upper and lower case with special characters then password recovery time will be very long.
Software create every possible combination of words and matches with your password in Brute Force Attack method, if your password is too long and complex then it take time to recover.

User always choose little difficult password for security reasons. It consist of letter, number and special characters. You need to very careful while purchasing password recovery software. A very advanced excel password recovery software is needed for recovery of these type of passwords. First use demo version then go with full version.

An advance xls password recovery tool have password masking option. This option narrow down your password and reduce password recovery time. Like if you remember first letter, length of your password and you never uses number or special character, then you can recover it in few minutes. These tools works on “more precise masking, more frequent get password” concept.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

How to create password reset disk in windows 7

TDK USB flash driveImage by Le ciel azuré via Flickr
Computer user forget password due to two main reasons 1) they choose very lengthy password which is very difficult to remember 2) they change password very frequently. Users do above things to provide better security to personal data. But when user lost or forget windows 7 admin or user password, they loss access of all valuable data. In password loss situation password reset disk is very helpful, it is use to reset lost or forgotten windows 7 password but you need to create it, before password loss.
Steps to create reset disk in windows 7: It is very easy to create password reset disk in windows 7. Use this disk to reset windows 7 login password when you forget it. One password reset disk will work for one account so you need to create different password reset disk for different accounts. Password reset disk created through windows 7's control panel.
Follow these steps :
  1. Login in to windows 7 computer system.
  2. Insert blank CD or USB flash drive in CDROM.
  3. Click Start > Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Create a password reset disk.
  4. A welcome screen will shown, now click Next.
  5. Now select your USB flash drive or CD click Next.
  6. It will ask login password, insert password in password field and click Next.
  7. Windows 7 will start creating password reset disk.
  8. When processes will stop click on Finish to exit.
Your windows 7 password reset disk has been created successfully for that particular account. Use this disk to reset windows login password for that account when you lost access.
If you don't have password reset disk and you lost password of your admin account in this situation third party password recovery software will be very helpful for you. These tools are read only tools, it means that they didn't alter internal windows files.
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Commands to reset windows 7 login password

Image representing Windows 7 as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBaseYou can use windows password reset disk to reset windows 7 user password if you forget it. But if forget to create reset disk then you need to use commands to reset your login password. lusrmgr.msc and Control userpasswords2 commands are very useful in above case. Follow steps listed below to use these commands.

To use above commands you must have to login in to your computer system with admin or any other user account.

Tips to use lusrmgr.msc command : This command is very useful for local user's which lost their password. Using this command is very simple.

a) Login in your computer with any other account.
b) Type “lusrmgr.msc” in start search box. A dialog box of Local Users and Groups will pop up.
c)Now double click on users folder, it will give list of all user of that windows 7 computer.
d) Right click on user and select “Set password” to reset password.

Tips to use control userpasswords2 command : This command will open classic User Accounts dialog. This dialog box will display list of all user of windows 7 computer, you can reset login password of particular user from here.

Note: Text search box of windows 7 does not recognize Control userpasswords2. But don't worry you can still use this command.

a) Press Win Key and R Key together, It will open Run dialog box. Type Control userpasswords2 in Run dialog box and hit Enter.
b) A classic User Accounts dialog will open, it will contain list of all user. Select User Name for which you want to reset password then click on Reset Password Button.

These commands can be used only when you have access of your computer with some other account. If you don't have access your windows 7 computer then you need to use third party password recovery software.
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Tips to create strong login password

--> In todays world everyone using computer at home, office even in schools and colleges. Everyone using password to protect data. Normally peoples used those password which they can remember easily. Some times peoples used very short and guessable password, these passwords can be cracked very easily and data like bank account detail, credit card details, personal data can be steel very easily. If you loss your password or forget your password then you will not able to access your valuable data and you need to recover password to get access of your data.
Few things need to remember while creating strong and remembrable password, never choose your name or name of your brother or sister for password. Also do not take password after your cricket player name, actor name, hobby, mobile number or birthday date. These type of password are easily guessable so avoid these.
Follow these tips to create safe password :
  1. Length password must be more then 6 digits.
  2. Use combination of small and capital letters.
  3. Use special characters in password.
  4. Change your password regularly but not too frequently.
  5. Always fill password recovery question like "secret question-answer".
If you follow every step then your password will never loss or stolen. In the case you already lost your password then you need to find suitable password recovery software like if you lost your windows admin password then find windows admin password recovery tool which is compatible with your computer system.
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