Friday, April 1, 2011

How to reset windows 7 admin password with reset disk

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Windows 7 have several advanced features which are very useful for the end users. But for protection point of view it have same features as windows Vista and XP have. You need to put strong password to protect your computer data. Their is no extra password recovery tool to recover your password, your still have to depent on password reset disk. If you created reset disk then password recovery is very easy for you but if you don't have it, then you need to use password recovery software to get back access of your computer.
Reset admin password with reset disk : Now you lost or forget your windows 7 user or admin. To recover windows 7 password with the use of reset disk follow following steps :
1. Log on your computer with the user account for which password to be reset.
2. In the password box put wrong password and press enter.
3. A message “incorrect username or password” will appear, then press OK.
4. A screen will open click on “Reset password” on that.
5. Click Next when password reset wizard welcome screen appears.
6. Find and select password reset disk and press next.
7. Now it will ask for new password, provide new password and press next.
8. Click Finish to close the wizard.
9. Now you can login with new windows 7 password.
Password reset disk will really help you to get back access of your locked computer. But in the case you forget to create this disk before you lost your password then what would you do ? Don't worry still you can get access of your computer. You just need to find good windows 7 password recovery software which can recover your password without affecting internal windows files.
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