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How to Reset Master Password of Mozilla Thunderbird

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Master password must be used in Mozialla Thunderbird to protect list of saved password in thunderbird. Any user can see and use passwords which are saved in thunderbird. Master password will prompt at every time when anyone tries to open password protected item.
If you lost master password then you could not open any password protected items in this situation thunderbird master password recovery is required by a mail password recovery software to get access all password protected items.
Here I am going to explain, how to set, change, remove and recover master password of Mozilla thunderbird. Follow the steps given below.
How to set master password:
It is quite easy to set master password on Mozilla thunderbird
1.     Launch Mozilla thunderbird
2.     Click on Tools.
3.     In Tools click on Options.
4.     In option popup windows click on Privacy tab.
5.     In privacy tab click on Password.
6.     And then Set Master Password.
Change Master Password: To change master password follow first 5 steps from setting master password but in 6th step click on Change Master Password. And enter new password and confirm new password.
Remove Master Password:
     7. Launch Mozilla thunderbird
     8. Click on Tools.
     9. In Tools click on Options.
   10. In option popup windows click on Privacy tab.
   11. In privacy tab click on Password.
   12. And then Remove Master Password.
Reset Master Password: If you lost or forget master password then there is easy way to disable master password feature from Mozilla thunderbird. But note one thing that “By resetting master password will remove all information of stored password”.
Choose Tools -> Error Console, paste the expression: openDialog("chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul") and press the Evaluate button. That will open a dialog asking you if you want to reset your password.
If your master password still not reset by above procedure then you need to use Email password recovery software to reset your lost password.
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