Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to recover password from Password-Protected Excel Workbook

Today, very often we hear cases of phishing scams and data thefts. These issues have set tongues wagging all over the world. Illicit copying or theft of your confidential information by any on-line predator can make you restless and may even give you nightmares. Even when we have so many alternative solutions available to implement data safety and security, people are usually inclined to follow the same old tradition of setting passwords. They set passwords to the important spreadsheets containing company information, power-point presentations, database files etc. But what if they forget these powerpoint or Excel passwords. Perhaps, this is considered as the simplest way of preventing your data from being accidentally or intentionally modified by someone. But people tend to set new passwords every time. As a result, they forget these passwords and make their important files inaccessible.
Suppose, you work on an excel spreadsheet everyday and store all the information related to company, its employees, vendors, customers etc. in that file. To protect it against any unauthorized access, one day you set a password to this file. But the very next day when you try to access it, you come to know that you have forgotten your password. This may prevent you from accessing the valuable information stored in this file. In such circumstances, you need to go for MS Excel password recovery through a reliable third party utility.
Nowadays, a number of password recovery software are available. These software provide various parameters to narrow down the search for the lost or forgotten password. They perform Excel password recovery by employing a brute-force mechanism and maintaining an in-built dictionary that provides more precision in tracking the lost password.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to create password reset disk in windows 7

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Windows 7 has excellent security features. It come with very strong login security, you can set login password in several ways. These strong security features sometimes create problems for user. If user or admin of windows 7, forget login password then windows does not allow to access files and folders. To regain access of your account you need to recover windows 7 password. You can easily reset it with "Reset Disk" if you ever created, It allows to create new password without having old. Reset disk is created for local user accounts, it is not applicable for remote systems. Use password recovery software if you don't have reset disk.
Follow these steps to create password "Reset disk": It will help to create new login password when you lost it. To create reset disk you need a storage media like floppy disk, floppy drive or USB flash drive. CD/DVD are not allowed in this process.
1) Insert storage media.
2) Open user account and click on start button.
3) Open Control Panel.
4) Click User Accounts and Family Safety.
5) Now Click on User Accounts.
6) You will a option Create a password reset disk, Click on this option.
7) Fill all required entries and finish.
Your password reset disk has been created, it is advisable that store this disk at safe place because if anyone got this disk, can easily access you computer system. what you can do if you don't have this reset disk and you lost access of your computer? Simple solution of your problem is password recovery tools. These tools are not need to install because they come with bootable CD. These tools are very advance, does not alter windows security setting while recovery process. Several tools are available first install demo version if you are satisfied with result then go with full version.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to recover forgotten outlook password

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Outlook password loss is common situation for those who frequently changes password of mail account due to security reasons. For human mind it is not possible to remember several passwords for same account and a situation comes when people get confused what password they set. You could not open your mail account and PST(Personal Folder Files) in outlook password loss situation and you could not read or reply to any email as well. Unfortunately MS Office doesn't have any inbuilt tool to retrieve your password but you don't worry, every problem have some solution. To overcome from this situation you need to recover outlook password with password recovery software.
Follow these steps to recover outlook password: For the users who are using POP3 e-mail can use following steps to regain their outlook password.

  1. You need to contact with your ISP (Internet service provider) for new password.
  1. Now update you email settings with new password which is given by your ISP. Follow guideline given below to change your password.
a) Go to Tools -----> Email Accounts
b) Click on Change existing e-mail accounts -----> Next
c) Select Email account that you want to update then click on change
d) Update email settings with your new password
e) You must Test Account Setting to insure that your account working with the changes which you made.
f) If you want to add some more setting then Click on More settings
g) After doing changes click on next ---> Finish
If you follow every step correctly then after finishing setting your outlook password will be reset. You will access all of your email and PST files. But for any reasons if you still not able to reset your outlook pst password then you need to go with a good third party outlook password recovery software.
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