Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Change or Remove Password of MS Access Database

Once you share password with anyone due to any reason then it is quite possible it may be misuse. Due to some urgent or demanding office task suppose you have shared the password with someone. Once you have shared password of mdb files then that user is authorized to do changes and use all resources of that database. So it is always advisable to change or remove previous password from MS access database after that task get over. MS access has option to change or remove password.
Here you can read some methods to apply so that you can change or remove password of MS access database. The NewPassword method is used for changing or removing password. Follow the code written below, this code for changing password “password1” to “password2” of the access database “accessdatabase.mdb”.
By NewPassword Method:
Sub ChangeDBPassword ()

Dim Db As Database

Set Db = OpenDatabase("C:\My Documents\MyDB.mdb",True, _


Db.NewPassword "MyPassword1","MyPassword2"


End Sub

By CompactDatabase method:

Sub CompactDB ()

' Compact the database, supplying the password

DBEngine.CompactDatabase "C:\My Documents\MyDB.mdb", _

"C:\My Documents\Test.MDB", dbLangGeneral, dbVersion30, _


End Sub

Above method will change MS access database password. But above code not handle the possibility of trying to open the database with the wrong password, which would generate an error.
Remove password from MS Access Database: It is quite easy to remove password from MS Access database. You can do it with NewPassword method by using empty string for second parameter of the NewPassword method.
Db.NewPassword "MyPassword2", ""
Applying Password on Access Database: You can also apply password on access database files with the use of NewPassword method. You need to just make slight changes in the code. Use empty string first and write password of your choice in second parameter.
Db.NewPassword "", "MyPassword1"
MS Access lost password Recovery: It is difficult to do changes on access database if you forget the database password. To apply above methods you must have access of your database files. Lost password can be recovered with accesspassword recovery software. These tools will recover lost password in few mouse click.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Change or Remove Password of MS Excel Workbook

MS excel is mostly use for creating report of business transactions with useful information. To secure the information from unauthorized viewer users put strong password on excel files. Users can set to type of password on MS excel workbook, password to modify and password to open. Sometimes users have to share these passwords with others due to several reasons. Now user need to change or remove password from the excel file because it has been shared with someone. It is very easy to change excel password with follow instruction as written below.

How to change MS excel password:
1. Open the workbook.
2. On the File menu, click Save As.
3. On the Tools menu, click General Options.
4. In the Password to open or Password to modify box, double-click the asterisks.
5. Type the new password and then click OK.
6. When prompted, retype the new password, and then click OK.
7. Click Save.
8. If prompted, click yes to replace the existing workbook.

How to remove MS excel password: This procedure is almost same as changing password but at the last step it is little bit different.
1. Open the workbook.
2. On the File menu, click Save As.
3. On the Tools menu, click General Options.
4. In the Password to open or Password to modify box (or in both boxes), double-click the asterisks and then press the DELETE key.
5. Click OK, and then click Save.
6. Click yes to replace the existing workbook.

How to recover MS excel password: If you have forget excel password then MS excel will not allow you to open excel workbook without having password. In this situation you could not change or remove password. You need Excel password recovery to regain access of your workbook. You can do it with excel password recovery software.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

How to recover lost or forgotten PST password of outlook and outlook express

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--> MS outlook is most used email client application. All information such as emails, attachments, task, journals, notes and other objects are save in.pst files format. In today's world all type of business communication is done by emails so it is important to make these .pst files password protected so that no one can access your important emails and other documents without your permission. But problem is created when you lost or forget password of these pst files. Without password you won't be able to access your emails and other objects. To overcome to this situation Outlook PST Password Recovery is required, this can be perform by using pst password recovery software.
The main reason of outlook pst password is that people always keep changing password after few days, due to security reasons. But sometime it is difficult to remember several passwords together and confusion arise. Another reason of PST password loss could be stolen by someone.
Usually users keep the backup of all important data and communication which they perform with clients on email space. So it may be possibility that to harm your business someone hack or stolen your outlook password. Few more possible reasons of PST password loss are given below:

  • Loss of page where you have written outlook pst password.
  • You are using outlook after long time and you don't have any idea of your password.
  • You have forgotten your outlook mail as well as pst password.

    How much loss will you suffer if you forget the password of your Outlook PST file? All your daily important mails, contacts, appointments, tasks and meetings are all lost only because of a little mistake that you haven't properly wrote down your password at a safe place so that you can cross check anytime later on without any inconvenience.

Luckily we have Outlook PST password recovery software as best solution for lost pst password recovery. This tool is self explanatory and didn't require any technical knowledge to use it. Just run software and get your password in few mouse clicks.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How To Reset Windows Admin Password With Ubuntu

Are you in a situation where you have lost password of windows based admin account. If it is yes then don't worry I have solution which is very simple & economic. You just need to Install Ubuntu (A free Linux Based OS) and follow the simple steps written below to recover windows admin password. This is very unique method of Windows Password Recovery where Internet connection is required.
First I will describe how to install Ubuntu (OS) because it is new for several users, then I will describe how to recover lost windows password with it. You need to install Ubuntu on existing hard drive on which windows is installed.
1. Go to Ubuntu site and download the latest Ubuntu ISO Operating System.
2. Use one of the free ISO burning application to create a bootable CD of Ubuntu. Of course, you need another PC to do this.

3. Use Ubuntu Live CD to boot into the live v
ersion of the OS.

4. Go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager.

5. Then Settings > Repositories

6. Once the window "Software Sources" appears, make sure to select "Software restricted by copyright or legal issues", then click Close.

7. Click Reload in the Synaptic package manager.

8. Click Search and type 'chntpw.

9. Once the 'chntpw' application is found, right-click in it and "mark for installation".

10. Click "Apply on Summary window," and also to confirm the changes.
** Remember that an Internet connection is required for the above steps. If there is no availability of a connection, a USB flash drive is required. **

12. Next, we mount the Windows drive. In Ubuntu, go to Places > Select the appropriate drive.

13. The last step is actually reset the password through the terminal in Linux.

14. In Ubuntu go to Applications> Accessories> Terminal.

15. Type 'Cd /media/disk/WINDOWS/system32/config /’ in the terminal window.

16. Type 'sudo chntpw SAM’.

17. This by default will change the administrator password. For a change to a particular user. Type 'sudo-u username chntpw SAM.

18. Then you will see a long display of information, most of which can be ignored.

19. The next step is actually reset the Windows password. It is recommended that the password blank with an asterisk *.

20. You will then need to confirm the change with a Y, and reboot.
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