Monday, August 22, 2011

Why I Can't Open Password-Protected MS Access File

The desire to be in front line is really good. As we are now living in the computer world where maximum task we are performing on computer. It means our important data is on computer, we use password just to protect data from unauthorized access. Passwords are used everywhere from social media websites to MS access files. It is very difficult for anyone to remember all passwords because we have tendency to use different password for different type of website or files for security reasons. Consider a situation where you have lost the password for the MS access file and tried all possible passwords that you can remember which you use to protect your documents.
But nothing works because here the scenario is different, and your MDB database is highly confidential, that is why it has implemented a complex combination of passwords so that can't be accessed by anyone in any case.
The password loss situation can difficult for anyone because we can access database only with the correct password to perform several task on database. However, such situations are very common and can be faced by anyone who works with files and access documents. To avoid such situations it is advisable to save password as a backup in a safe place.
Suppose you don't have backup of MS access password and you forget it. You must be anxious to know how to open the MS access File which is Password Protected. Don't worry; fortunately we have solution available to overcome from this situation. You can search for MS Access password recovery software’s on Google, These software come with 100% password recovery guarantee and capable to recover lost or forgotten MS access password.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How To Recover Outlook Express Password By Using DOS

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It is very important to save your password in some other location, when you configure email account with outlook express. Because if you forget or lost outlook express password then you can't able to access outlook express. To regain access of outlook express you need to recover its password, if you have administrative access then mail password can be recovered with Windows Command Prompt. If you don't have administrative access the mail password recovery software is required to recover lost password.
Administrative account holders follow steps written below to recover lost Outlook express password:
Note: This process will fail if you don't have admin access.
Step 1) Login in computer with administrator account.
Step 2) Open a command prompt by clicking "Start," "All Programs" "Accessories" and "Command Prompt".
Step 3) Type "oe6.exe-I" "-p" at the command prompt, where "" is the e-mail address to retrieve password.
Step 4) Press "Enter" and all information stored in the account is displayed in the command prompt, including the password for the email account.

For the users those don’t have administrator access of computer above process will not work. They are required to use some outlook express password recovery software. These password recovery software user friendly, have very good GUI and are very interactive. These are very simple to use and don't required any technical knowledge.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Recover MS Excel 2007 Password Without Any Password Recovery Software

Users set password on MS excel spreadsheet to protect from unauthorized access but sometimes password creates problem to access the excel spreadsheet when they forget or lost it. There are several tools are available to reset MS excel 2007 password. But all tools are paid and you have to spend some bucks to use those tools. Here I am going to tell you, how you
can remove password of MS excel 2007, without using any tool. MS Excel 2007 have different types of file with file extent ion like xlsx, xlsm, xltx, etc. these file types are called Open XML because these file type contains XML files. You can see XML documents which makes excel spreadsheet by changing its extension to zip.
You can remove excel password by editing Open XML files. Follow the steps given below to remove password of password-protected excel files.
  1. Create backup of password-protected excel file.
  2. Change the file extension to .zip from .xlsx.
  3. Now extract the whole content of zip file.
  4. Search for xml format of targeted sheet. You will find it in ‘xl -> worksheets’ directory.

  1. Open the xml file of targeted sheet in xml editor.
  2. Now search for ‘sheetProtection’ word in that xml file and remove it.

  1. Save this edited xml file and replace it with old xml file in zip files.
  2. Now change the extension from .zip to .xlsx.

Double click on spreadsheet, it will open normally (it will not ask any password). This method will work for MS Excel 2007 you can also try it for higher version of MS Excel, but I didn't test it. For lower version of MS Excel you need to use excel password recovery software to recover lost password.
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