Friday, August 20, 2010

Lost windows admin password ? Follow these steps to recover..

Have you ever encountered a situation where you have lost your all important Windows password, and you are locked out of your system? Well, I have! And believe me, it is one messy situation to handle! But with a few Password recovery steps, it is possible to access your Windows system and recover critical data from it.

  • If you are a cautious user, then you must have created a password reset diskette. Just insert that to reset your administrative password.

  • If you can log on as an administrator, then you can reassign a password to your account.

  • If you have not created a password reset disk previously, or cannot log on as an administrator, and have encountered this situation, like me, you still have two options:

  • Use MS Windows boot disk to repair the operating system. This sets the password as blank and allows you to set a new password after the next boot.

  • Another is to reinstall Windows and all the other programs that had been installed earlier on your computer, to use it.

  • But, if you do not have Windows boot disk, and thus cannot perform the above stated step, then you need to opt for a third-party tool to recover Windows password. These are special Password recovery software that deploy complicated algorithms to reset the password of your Windows operating system. These software recover passwords for most of the Windows applications, product key serial number, and user names and passwords of all the accounts accessed through web browsers, e-mail clients, and FTP clients installed on the computer.

A popular software capable of delivering above stated functions/features is Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, Server (2000-2008), and 2000, this Password recovery software has a simple graphical user interface, detailed documentation, and read only nature along with the live update feature to upgrade itself to the latest version.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tips for recovering windows admin password

If you have forgotten or lost the newly-changed Windows administrator password, you know you are knee-deep in trouble. In the absence of a correct password, it is impossible for you to log on and access information from your system. The defense mechanism set by you has backfired since you are now unable to access your data. What next? Thankfully, there are ways to tackle such situations, but you have to do preparations beforehand. After doing some settings, you can make sure that if in future you come face-to-face with a password loss situation, you have an alternate solution available to perform Windows password recovery.

Resetting Windows password is the key to resolving your password recovery woes. How? Well, I am providing you a list of steps which you can consider in order to prepare yourself if ever need arises to recover Windows administrator password:

Use password reset disk: You can make use of a password reset disk to gain access to your Windows-based system in case you lose or forget your Windows password. Execute the following steps:

  • Click Start, go to Control Panel

  • Click User accounts

  • Click the administrator account in the User Accounts tab

  • On the left side under Related Tasks window, click Prevent a forgotten password option

  • Insert a removable disk in drive A and click Next

  • Type the password for administrator account in the Current user account password box and click Next

  • When the process reaches 100 per cent completion, click Next and Finish

  • Remove the disk and store it safely

Restore the operating system: Windows password recovery can be performed by restoring the operating system. Since restoration leads to data deletion, the solution can only work if you have a clean and updated backup of your hard drive data stored somewhere else.

Use Windows Boot disk: The boot CD for Windows can be used to reset the administrator password. This disk enables you to repair Windows OS, thereby, setting your administrator password as blank.

Use password recovery software: The best solution, however, is to download a third-party software. These tools enable you to reset Windows administrator password without posing any threat to your hard drive data.

Among several password recovery software available, Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery is an easy-to-employ application which can be used to reset lost or forgotten password of not only Windows administrator account but web browsers, FTP servers, chat messengers, mail clients etc. The application is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and server (2000-2008).

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How to recover Email clients password

With the use of Internet life become so simple. The best thing which we got from Internet is fast massaging. Now we can send mails in fraction of second to anywhere. E-mails are very useful, all business deal and simple conversations are done through emails. Even we store our important documents on email. Suppose the situation, if you lost or forget your Email clients password then you can not able to access your Emails. In this situation you need a email password recovery software to reset your password again.
Situation in which you can forget your email password:
Email account is a very personal thing and anyone can misuse it. To prevent misuse of email account it is advised that keep changing your password regularly. So we keep changing our password but some time could not able to remember which password we given this time. It happen with everyone.
We have lots of accounts on Internet like Net banking accounts, Social Networking accounts, other email accounts. Each account have user name and password if we keep changing password of each account regularly so it become impossible to remember each and every password correctly.
If you already lost you email password then don't worry you are reading right article. You need a third party email password recovery software. Stellar information system Lt. One of the leading data recovery company now launched Stellar Phoenix mail password recovery
software which is capable recover password of all major email clients like Microsoft Outlook , Outlook Express ,Windows Mail Windows Live Mail Incredimail ,Eudora,Mozilla Thunderbird ,Netscape Communicator,The Bat ,Becky-Internet Mail ,Fox Mail , Poco Mail ,Pegasus Mail , Mail Them Pro In very easy steps.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Methods to reset windows admin password

More and more people are using the computer, and because of this mismanagement of the computer is also growing. And to avoid that, many new ways have been in use for a long time! One is to apply passwords. Today, every application allows you to set a password, if your operating system, mail clients, FTP client applications, web browser, and even chat messengers. But what if one day, you can not access some important files, or by mail, or interact with someone, and worse, not access your system because you have forgotten the password you requested for your benefit! Well, do not let your safety are on the way, so use the tools necessary to recover Windows password to you.

However, before venturing to buy a software, here are some tips that can help prevent the loss of the password, and avoid the need to opt for recovery software.

Use the option password hint is available for Windows accounts. These tips are found on the Welcome screen with the text of the password-prompter. It will give you a clue, if questions had been established to set the password clue. It is a safe way to recover the password for Windows.
Windows allows users to create a password reset disk. If you created this album, you can insert to reset your password. But if they were not aware of this, then this method does not help.
Another method is to reinstall Windows and restore what remains of their data using various tools. But it is worth trying if you have vital information that you can not afford to lose.
In the case of instant messaging and email clients Web based, there is an option in the login screen 'Forgot Password'. Clicking on this will reach a new page that makes you a security question and an alternative email id. In answer to the password is sent to the email id provided by you.

If the steps outlined above do not work for you, opt for third party software to restore lost password. A good password recovery software not only to recover the password, but also the user names for a wide range of applications, including chat messengers, FTP clients, email clients.
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How to recover web browsers password

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser free and open source, what many people used all around the world. It is a multi-tabbed browser that offers various types of extensions to let you do multiple tasks at the same time working on a site once. It is a very light-weight browser that makes browsing really a pleasant experience. In addition, this browser is compatible with the addition of various supplements that are still adding to its arsenal. One of these add-on is the best add-on cache that lets you control the cache settings so that you can make judicious use of the bandwidth offered. One of its options is "Every time you open a site 'option saves the cache settings for a particular site, each time you open it. This is particularly useful when properly stored passwords from your email accounts in your browser. In such scenarios, you can retrieve the password of your email accounts and other sites that use a password recovery software.

Consider a scenario in which it is used "gmail" to perform the tasks of e-mail in Mozilla Firefox 3.5 in your organization. As a safe practice, in general, change your password every month or so as you're using Gmail in the public system. However, this time trying to access your account that is able to do so. You tried to remember the password has changed recently, but could not remember. He has also tried to use different combinations of password you previously used to set the password, but in vain.

In such situations, you must use a third windows password recovery software to get the password again. These tools are very useful in this kind of situation and recover the password without much difficulty. However, there is a condition that must be true to recover the exact password. You must enable the setting that remembers the passwords of all email sites in the cache. Also, do not remove the history of the use of the Internet to recover the password success.
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