Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Remove Excel Password with 7-zip (Free Tool)

Losing excel password is a pathetic situation. Without having correct password you could not access your important excel sheet. To recover lost excel password you have two ways
  1. Use some password recovery manual method.
  2. Use excel password recovery paid software.

Using excel password recovery software is easy but expensive method. Before using paid tool first try all other ways to recover lost password. Here I am going to explain you a very effective way to remove excel password.
To use this method you first need to change the file extension of your excel file from .xls/xlsx to .zip. Few computer users find it difficult to change file extension in windows 7 so I am explaining here, how you can change extension of any file.
  1. Open drive where file is stored.
  1. Click on Organize > Folder and Search Option.
  1. In Folder Option > Click on View.
  1. Uncheck “Hide extensions for know file types”, click Apply > OK.
  1. Now rename your desire file with your desire extension.

Remove excel password: 7-zip is a open source tool which you can download free from Internet. Download it and follow steps written below...
  1. Download and Install 7-zip tool (free tool).
  2. Change extension of excel file from .xls/.xlsx to .zip.
  3. Now Open it with 7-zip.
  4. Go to worksheet 1 of workbook by clicking XL-worksheet.
  5. Right click on it and click on Edit.
  6. Now search for >password< or password and delete all data related to password and save.
  7. Now revert its extension from .zip to .xls/.xlsx.

You need to follow each step to complete the removal of excel password. Some times when you try to edit workbook it will show some garbage value that means 7-zip is not compatible with your operating system. Download correct version of 7-zip for hassle free excel password removal.
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Monday, May 28, 2012

How to Set Password to protect PowerPoint Presentation 2007

To prevent PowerPoint presentation from unauthorized access user need to protect it with the password. MS PowerPoint allow user to create two type of password i.e.:
  1. Password to open
  2. Password to modify”
"Password to open" It protects the presentation from accessing and "password to modify" prevents it from modification. Sometime user face problem to create password in MS PowerPoint 2007 because its interface is quite different from earlier version. There are basically two procedures by which you can set password. This post will guide you to create passwords for MS PowerPoint 2007 in both ways.

Method 1: In first method you can create by clicking on Prepare option.

  1. Click on MS office button and move cursor on Prepare option then click on Encrypt Document.
  1. In Encrypt Documents dialog box, you will find a Password box type your password here and click on OK. ( You can type up to 255 Characters in password box)
  2. A confirm Password dialog box will open retype your password in Renter password box and click OK.
  3. Now save your working file to save your password.

Method 2: You can create PowerPoint password at time of saving file.
  1. Click on MS office button and click on save as
  1. In Save as dialog box click on Tools .
  1. In Tools menu select General Options. In General Option dialog box which says ‘write your desire password’ in password to open and password to modify box and click on OK.

You can select any of the above method which you find easy. First method is for those who don't want to apply password to modify and Second method is viceversa.
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Guide To create Strong windows Password

Password is used by every computer and Internet user for protecting their valuable data and information from unauthorized access. Everyone tried to create strong password which is hard to crack with software to by human. Even though we create strong password but still a password cracker program easily crack our password, isn't it ? So what is the meaning of strong password and how we can create a approx unbreakable password ? In this post I will focus on these two points.

What is a strong password: As per Microsoft recommendation for windows password, a strong password must have following characteristics:

  1. The length of password must be at least eight characters.
  2. A complete word should not present in the password.
  3. It should not contain any name related to you. (like your username, real name or company name)
  4. If you are changing your password then it must be totally different from previous password .
  5. A strong password must contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols.

Any password which is following these five rules will be a strong password and this type of passwords are very difficult to be broken. A password which contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special symbols can be a weak password like sampatrik2U! because it contain username and a complete word. You can correct it by writing it in this way $amp@trik2 U!. Including space in password and replace some letters with special symbols is make it very strong.

Always create a password which very easy to remember for you because losing password means losing access of your computer. So you can pick a phrase that is meaningful  for your password like my brother arun's birthday is 11 may 1987. Using this phrase you can create your password Mbabi11/may 87 or you can make it more strong by replacing some letters with special symbols like Mb@b!11 05 87.

I hope this post will guide you to create very strong password which are very easy to remember. But always remember that never create a password which you can't remember. But in case you forget your password then use advanced third party password recovery software to recover it.
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Recover Password of Protected Excel Wordbook by Using Password Revealer


To improve security in MS Excel and protect your workbooks from unnecessary modification by unauthorized users, Microsoft has introduced advanced password-protection. You can secure your whole workbook or some specific elements in your workbook by applying a password. Only authenticated users will have the right to make changes to the workbook or its individual elements. You can apply two different types of passwords to an Excel workbook: 'Password To Open' and 'Password To Modify'.

The 'Password To Open' feature can be used to prevent the illicit or unwanted users from opening the Excel workbook. This feature uses any of the standard encryption methods to secure data in the file. You can do this via Save As>>Tools>>Security Options and an existing one Main Menu>>Tools>>Options>>Security. Additionally, if you want to keep other users from changing the structure of your Excel workbook, you can use the 'Password To Modify' feature. With this feature, you can define a guideline for others and then, they need to follow this guideline for modifying the content or formatting of your workbook. To do so, go to Tools and choose Protect Document or Unprotect Document.

However, if there are a hell lot of passwords, there is always a high risk of losing these passwords. These passwords will keep on clogging up your brain and consequently, you forget them when trying to unlock your password-protected Excel workbooks. At this stage, you need to take help of professional MS Excel password recovery software.

Let me tell you my example. I joined at a new office last week. The person who left the organization had protected some of his Excel files. He didn't tell the passwords to anyone. However, I had to use those files in order to start my work. But, I found out that I cannot even open some of the important files. I immediately narrated the whole situation to my Team Lead and he recommended me to contact the system administration department. I contacted them and told them this problem. To recover Excel password, they installed a password recovery software on my computer and it was all over in just a few clicks. All the passwords were saved in the text document at a specified location in my system.

An efficient Excel password recovery software can easily recover both: 'password to open' and 'password to modify' set to your Excel workbook. These software use Brute-Force attack mechanism to give you the recovered password with 100% accuracy. The software which I used provided me various options to narrow down the Excel password search. 
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to use Safe Mode option to reset windows 7 admin password

Did you lost windows 7 administrator password? Are you worried about the next step to get the solution to reset it?
Here it comes, yes you can reset Windows 7 password your own through various available methods to reset your lost password. Windows 7 creates a default build-in administrator at the time of windows 7 installation. This default administrator doesn't have any password. In the password loss situation, you can assign password to default administrator and access your computer. Follow the steps written below for complete procedure.
  1. Start computer press F8 key while it is booting. It will show you black screen with few options select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" option with arrow keys and hit Enter. Now computer will start loading safe mode and at the end command prompt will visible.

  1. Now with the help of this command prompt you can reset administrator password. Type “net user” command and hit Enter it will show list of all users.
  1. Now type net user xyz 123456 to reset the password of the user xyz to 123456 (in place of XYZ you need write the name of user for which you want to change password and write your desire password in place of 123456) and press Enter.
  2. A message “the command completed successfully” will appear that means your password has been successfully reset.

  1. Now restart your computer and login with username: xyz and password: 123456. you can access your computer and reset other accounts password control panel.
This is the easiest way to reset lost windows 7 password. But it will work when you are able to start computer in safe mode. If safe mode could not be loaded then you need to try some other method to reset windows 7 password. You can use third party windows 7 password recovery software to recover lost windows password.
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Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Confugure Windows Live Mail 2011 For Your Email Account

For a new user its quite difficult to configure windows live mail 2011 with email account. But setting windows live mail is very easy, you just need to follow proper steps. Here I am going to explain how to configure windows live? How incoming and outgoing server setting can be configure in windows live mail.

Steps to configure windows live mail: Start windows live mail

  1. Click on “Add an email account” which is listed on left hand.

  1. In Add an email account write email account in lower-case letters, write the password of that email account (same password which you use to login in that email account). Check Remember password check box write display name.

  1. After filling all fields click on Next button.

  1. In next windows

  • Write POP3 in “My incoming Mail server”
  • Write in Incoming server.
  • Do not check “This server require a secure connection”.
  • Write your username (First part of your email ID) in login box.
  • In next box type outgoing server name.
  • Now check “my outgoing server require authentication”.

  1. Now click on Next and your email address will configure with windows live mail.

If you follow these steps then you can successfully configure windows live mail with your email. But for any reason you are not able to configure then you are free to contact me or write to me..
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