Friday, March 29, 2013

Steps for Creating Password of Your Windows System When You Are in Domain

A domain is a unit of devices or computers over a network. All the computers in a domain have some common procedures and rules. Like a normal computer (that is not in any domain), you can password protect your computer that is in a domain by logging in as administrator. This is for ensuring the security and authenticity of your invaluable data. However, chances of failure of password protection process are high in a computer that is in domain because of the group policies that may prevent you from accomplishing the task. 

Therefore, follow below mentioned steps to create password for your computer that is on a domain:

  • Open user account by going through ‘Start >> Control Panel >> User Accounts’ and after that click ‘User Accounts’.
  • Go to ‘Manage User Accounts’. However, if you are asked for the confirmation or administrator password, then supply confirmation or type the admin password. 
  • Go to ‘Users’ tab, select the account of that you want to create the password and after that click ‘Reset Password’.
  • The ‘New password’ box opens, provide the new password here and retype it on ‘Confirm new password’ box and after that click ‘OK’.

Therefore, with the help of the above steps, you can password protect your computer that is on a domain. Moreover, to maintain the integrity of your system, it is suggested to apply a strong password and change it regularly. However, many times in this process of protecting computer from unwanted accesses, it is seen that people forget the applied passwords. Password loss is one of the most annoying situations as you become unable to recall the thing that you were using. In such situations of password loss of Windows system that is on domain, use of professional Windows password recovery software is recommended.

Professional Windows password recovery software has understandable user interface that guides users throughout password recovery process. Most of the tools reset Windows passwords for administrators and other user login accounts. Some tools find out the domain name, user name, and password for all Network Applications or ‘Remote Desktop’. 

However, if you do not want to use professional password recovery software, then you can recover the password from the hint that you have applied while creating the password. If you have not created the hint, then using the ‘Password Rest Disk’ can do the needful for you, which must be created before you have lost the password of your system. If you do not have password reset disk as well, then using professional tool is the best method to overcome the loss.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tips to Create and Maintain Strong Password for Windows

The best way to protect your computer from hackers and unauthorized accesses is password. Protecting all the accounts on your computer with a strong password keeps you away from the fear of losing your valuable data through unwanted means. However, do you know that what exactly is a strong password? Most of the times we think that we have applied a strong password for protecting our system, but a hacker cracks it too and we do not understand why.

Well, in such cases the password you think is a strong password does not come under this category because it may have:
  • Less than eight characters
  • Your user name, company name, or your real name
  • A complete word
  • Exactly same as a previous password
  • Not containing characters from each of the following four categories:
    • 1st Category of Characters: ‘Upper Case Letters’: A, B, C, and so on.
    • 2nd Category of Characters: Lower Case Letters’: a, b, c, and so on.
    • 3rd Category of Characters: Numerals: 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on.
    • 4th Category of Characters: Symbols: `, !, ~, $, %, #, *, and so on.
If your password is containing characters from all the above character sets, is having more than or equal to eight characters, and is not a common word, then you can categorize it under strong password. However, a password can be a week password even after meeting all the above criteria. For example Complete12# is a week password because it is containing a complete word, whereas Com 12 lete# is a relatively stronger one. This is because the second password has replaced some of the characters from numbers and included the space as well.

Therefore, remember the following points before creating password to make it strong:
  • Length of the password: The first requirement is to have long password. Ensure that your password is having more than eight characters.
  • Make it complex: Do not provide a complete word because password hacking tools easily crack a full word. To make it complex, use your complete keyboard, include alphabets, numeric characters, and symbols more vividly and thus ensure security.
  • Change it regularly: It is always recommended to change your password on regular basis at least once in every quarter.
  • Keep it different: Using same password for multiple applications calls the threat. Try to keep different passwords for different applications.
However, following the above recommendations for creating password from your computer, there can be chances wherein you may forget the password. Some of the tips for maintaining and remembering strong passwords are:
  • Create a phrase or acronym for passwords, such as My wife’s birthday is January 14 and use this phrase as Mvibdi Z 14/Jan.
  • Create something new in your password like relate it with your favorite hobby or sport  such as you love swimming as Iluv 2 sw!m.
However, despite this if you forget your Windows system password then you for sure encounter the loss of your entire information. In such situations using proficient Windows password recovery software is recommended. Professional password recovery tool for Windows resets Windows passwords for user login and administrator accounts and thus overcomes the unavailability of precious information stored in your system. 
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Efficient Options to Unprotect the Protected Excel Sheet

MS Excel is one of the popular applications of MS Office suite, but is more widely used by the people who belong to financial field. Charted accountants, stenos, accountants, brokers, etc use this useful application to store their critical financial data. To protect their crucial data from unauthorized access, this very efficient application of MS Office suite enables password protection. Users can protect their Excel sheet at two levels:
  • Level 1: Password to Open: You can restrict the access of your Excel worksheet to authorized users only, by providing ‘password to open’ to it. After applying this password, no unauthorized user is able to open your Excel sheet. Whoever wants to access this password protected sheet has to provide the correct password.
  • Level 2: Password to Modify: You can prevent your Excel sheet from being modified by unauthorized persons by applying ‘Password to Modify’. In this way, the users who know the password to modify the sheet can only make changes in it.
In order to enable strong protection, it is recommended to provide both the passwords. Despite the usefulness of this option of MS Office, there can be situations in which, you may forget any of the above mentioned passwords. However, manual methods are there by which you can unprotect or remove the ‘Password to Modify’ applied on your Excel sheet. One of the best and most efficient manual methods for the same is:
  • Using the Google Account: You can use your Google account to remove or edit the applied ‘Password to Modify’ password. The steps for this are:
  • Login in to your Gmail account
  • Select the ‘Documents’ option provided at the menu bar of your account
  • Click on the icon that is indicating document upload
  • Browse your password protected Excel sheet
  • Now you have to open this uploaded file with spreadsheet option of your Google mail as ‘File>>Open with>>Google Spreadsheets’ and make all the changes that you want.
  • After this download your edited file as Excel sheet.
  • Upon opening this downloaded file, you will see its ‘Protected View’. To remove the editing password, click the ‘Enable Editing’ button.
However, if you want to recover the ‘Password to Open’ applied to your Excel sheet, then you need to use a professional Excel password recovery tool. Reliable software uses ‘Brute Force Attack’ mechanism to ensure the success of the password recovery. Therefore, for cases in which you have forgotten the ‘Password to Open’ or the manual method is unable to do any needful, then use of a reliable password recovery software is recommended.
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Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Crack Excel Password without Any Software?

Password protection is one of main features of MS Excel which allows user to protect their confidential data from unauthorized access. There are two types of passwords which can be added to an excel file: "Password to Open" and "Password to Modify" (or edit excel sheet). Many times excel user forget their own password and hence loses access to their important (and confidential) data. To help such users I am writing about how to remove "Password to Modify" excel sheet without any software.
  1. Change the file extension of excel file from xlsx (or xls) to zip.

  2. Right click on the zip file and extract the content of this zip file.

  3. In extracted zip folder navigate to location xl->worksheets and right click on the password protected xml sheet.
  4. Open this sheet with Notepad and then search for the tag “sheetProtection”.

  5. Once you find the “sheetProtection” tag then you need to delete this tag and save the file.

  6. Now replace the old xml file (in zip archive) with this edited xml file. (You can also replace complete xl folder simply by dragging it to zip archive).
  7. Now change the zip archive extension from zip to xlsx and open the file.

Now you can edit the excel sheet without any password.
Note: - (a) Always make a backup copy of original excel file to avoid any accidental loss of data.
(b) This method works only with MS Excel 2007 and 2010.
(c) This method does not work to unprotect excel sheet if it is protected with “Password to Open” excel file. In such situation you can use excel password recovery software to open password protected excel file.
I hope that by following the above mentioned steps you can easily remove password of your encrypted excel sheet.
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to manage security settings of outlook PST file?

Almost every outlook user is aware that email items such as emails, contacts, calendars, notes get stored in a PST file format in Outlook. These PST files also stores important and confidential information of user so it is very necessary to maintain the proper security of PST file. When an outlook user creates a new PST file then MS outlook offers him to choose from three types of encryption:
No Encryption–When you enable this thenthere is no encryption on Outlook PST file (as the name suggest). Anyone can access your PST file by using a text editor so it is always better to avoid this encryption setting.
Compressible Encryption - If you use compressible encryption then your PST file is encoded in format which can be compressed by using compression programs. If a PST file has compressible encryption then it can not be read by any text editor.
Higher Encryption - This type of encryption settings ensure highest degree of protection. High encryption enabled PSTfiles can also be compressed but degree of compression is less as compared with 'Compressible Encryption'. It also increases time to fetch data from a PST file having Higher Encryption setting.
If your PST file does not contain confidential information then you can use 'Compressible Encryption' (or even No Encryption) otherwise you should always select "Higher Encryption".
Beside these securities setting you can also enable password on outlook PST file. Enabling password on PST file ensures that no unauthorized user can access it irrespective of the security settings (compressible or Higher Encryption). The only thing which needs to take care is that you should well memorize your password so that you never forget it. In case you forget PST file password then no need to worry because you can use outlook password recovery software to recover password of PST file.
I hope after reading this article you will be able to protect your private and confidential outlook data from unauthorized access.
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How to Reset Windows 7 Password without any Software?

There are many Windows 7 users who forget their windows login password and face many problems to recover or reset it. These Windows 7 users are always in search of method (manual or automatic) which can help them to recover lost password. So here I am writing about how to reset Windows 7 password without any software.The only resource user need to follow this method is a bootable Windows 7 Installation Disk.
1. Make CD/DVD drive as first booting device (in most of Windows PC CD/DVD drive is first booting device by default) and insert Windows 7 Installation Disk in the drive.
2. On Restarting PC you will see message "Press any key to boot from CD". So you can press any key to start booting (from installation disk) process.
3. Next you will see two options:“Install Windows” and “Repair Windows”. Click “Repair Windows”.

4. Next you will see various options to recover windows. Click on “Command Prompt” option to continue.

5. Type the following commandsin command prompt window:
copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\
copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

6. Reboot your PC (and take out installation disk)
7. After restart (at login screen) press shift key 5 times. It will show you command prompt window.

8. At command prompt type: net user user_name new_password

For example if you want to set new password 12345 for user Patrick then you can write net user Patrick 12345.
Now you can easily login to windows 7 with new password.
If you don’t have Windows 7 password reset disk (or not able to access command prompt) then no need to worry because there are many password recovery software to reset windows password. These Windows password recovery software provide easiest way to reset windows password in few minutes only.
I hope this article is very helpful for users who want to reset windows 7 password without any software.
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Enable Windows 8 Picture Password?

Recently Microsoft has launched Windows 8 Operating System with many new and unique features as compared with its earlier version Windows 7. Out of these new and unique features, picture password is one of the features which is very attractive and getting popular as lightening speed. This feature allows its user to prevent unauthorized access by enabling password with the help of picture. In picture password authentication system, user can select any picture (to appear on login screen) and register specific patterns by touching (or dragging) finger on the picture.

If you are Windows 8 user and wanted to enable picture password then you can following these steps as given below.

1. Click "Settings" on the Charms bar.

2. In settings panel click "More PC Settings" -> Click "Users" (on the left side of the screen).

3. On clicking "Users" you will see your account information. From "Sign-in options" click "create a picture password" button.

4. You will see "Picture Password Wizard". In the first screen of wizard you will be asked to select a picture to be used for password.

5. After selecting picture you will need to register (two times) 3 gestures on picture by dragging your finger on the picture. You can draw gestures in any shape like line, circle, triangle etc.

Note : Be careful about the direction in which you draw gestures because they are direction sensitive.

6. If you get success in making same gesture (depending upon some accuracy level) then Windows 8 saves it as picture login password for your account and from next time onwards you need to repeat this gesture to login to your user account in Windows 8.

So, now no need to remember long and complex passwords, login quickly by dragging finger on picture. I am sure you will be very excited to share this great feature with your friends too.
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