Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lost or forget Word password is a problem, Here is how to Recover it

Sensitive and personal data of the MS-word files get secured by applying password to the Word file. Password protects your data from unauthorized access. But setting a password for MS-Word files, means that you have to keep the password very confidential. This mainly happens, if someone knows about your password. It might be possible that another person can access your file in which you have saved your password. To avoid such kind of situations, it is advisable to change the password on regular basis. But this solution has also some drawbacks. Chances of forgetting the last set password is more. And, it might be possible that there are lots of MS-Word files for which you have set the password. Remembering the password for number of files is not a simple task. Well, do not worry, you can opt for a third party MS-Word Password recovery tools.

Let us consider a practical scenario. Suppose, you tried to access one of your password protected MS-Word file. But it does not open because you have entered incorrect password. You are unable to remember the recently set word authentication key . Even by multiple attempts, you do not get any success. You can follow the below mentioned suggestions to recover Word password.

Make use of a password hint to remember the forgotten or lost password.
Try to find out the source where you have kept your password of Word file.
Enter the same set of characters that you use for your other e-mail accounts and for password protected files (if by chance they are same). Because it might be possible that you have set the same password as other files.

If still you are not able to open the password protected Word file, then it is good to opt for a third party Word password recovery tools. These tools are very handy and come with remarkably at a very low price. Depending upon your urgency, going for such a tool is the best possible alternative.

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