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How to set password of outlook PST File

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MS outlook is one of the most used MS office tool, it is used by millions of users world wide. It used for e-mail messaging and managing personal information. It have several other utilities like tasks, notes, journals etc which makes our daily life easy. MS outlook save each information in different files these files have .pst (Personal storage) file extension. PST files are saves in hard drive of your computer. Default location of PST files is \Users\your username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. You can set password on every .pst file to make it secure. Setting password on .pst file is very easy, follow steps which are mentioned below.
Steps for setting password on .pst files.
  1. Open outlook in File menu, click on Data File Management, that will open Account Setting dialog box.
  2. Find Data Files tab and click on Personal Folder files (.pst) for which you want to set password. Now click on Settings to open personal setting dialog box.
  3. Click on Change Password icon. If you are using Microsoft Exchange with your e-mail account then this icon will not appear.
  4. In New Password box type your new password. Your password not more then 15 characters, this password will be case sensitive. Always try to create strong password which include upper and lower characters along with numbers and special characters and length more then 8 characters.
  5. A verify Password box will open, type your new password again.
  6. If you are sharing you computer with others then never select Save this password in your password list check box. Because any other user of your computer can easily access your .pst files if you selected this option. If your computer is password protected and only you are the only user of your computer then you can select this option.
  7. Click OK two times then click on Close.
Congratulation you done it. Now your outlook pst files are password protected. But this password may create problem for you if you forget of lost it. In such case you need to recover outlook pst password with pst password recovery software.
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