Monday, May 2, 2011

Tips to create strong login password

--> In todays world everyone using computer at home, office even in schools and colleges. Everyone using password to protect data. Normally peoples used those password which they can remember easily. Some times peoples used very short and guessable password, these passwords can be cracked very easily and data like bank account detail, credit card details, personal data can be steel very easily. If you loss your password or forget your password then you will not able to access your valuable data and you need to recover password to get access of your data.
Few things need to remember while creating strong and remembrable password, never choose your name or name of your brother or sister for password. Also do not take password after your cricket player name, actor name, hobby, mobile number or birthday date. These type of password are easily guessable so avoid these.
Follow these tips to create safe password :
  1. Length password must be more then 6 digits.
  2. Use combination of small and capital letters.
  3. Use special characters in password.
  4. Change your password regularly but not too frequently.
  5. Always fill password recovery question like "secret question-answer".
If you follow every step then your password will never loss or stolen. In the case you already lost your password then you need to find suitable password recovery software like if you lost your windows admin password then find windows admin password recovery tool which is compatible with your computer system.
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