Friday, April 15, 2011

How to reset password of MS excel file

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Heve you ever faced such a problem in which you forget password of youe excel sheet or workbook. Or some of your co-worker left office and forget to remove password from excel sheet and that co-worker not in contact now ? If you are involve any of above condition then your need to recover excel password with some effective password recovery software. In this situation you can do two things. One try to open password with conventional methods or use excel password hrecovery software to recover it.
Microsoft Excel provide password option for security point of view because ms excel contains some of confidential information. Password protected excel sheet cannot be edited if anyone try to edit, it will give error message.
It is very common that any one can forget excel password. Because nowadays peoples have several password so they can't remember which password they set for which files. If you lost your excel password then don't worry you are at right place, you just need to find excel password recovery software which meet the configuration of your system. Other then using third party software their are several excel password recovery methods are available. But those are very complicated and are only for computer expert users. For home users its better to use some password recovery tools it will save your time and efforts.

Excel Password Recovery is a powerful password recovery software to retrieve forgotten
Microsoft excel passwords, allowing you to easily see the wordbooks and information of the spreadsheets. This password recovery tool supports to recover Excel Password of all versions. In addition to the modes of attack powerful brute force attack, brute-force with mask attack, dictionary attack, this software have intractive interface and it is very easy to handle.
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