Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to select excel password recovery software

PasswordImage via WikipediaMS excel used by millions of users world wide. It help to organize our data and able to do complected calculation in fraction of second. Passwords protect excel worksheet from unauthorized access. But some times you are trying to open password-protected xls/xlsx file and a prompt appears which is asking for password to open and password to modify. Your all efforts are gone waist because you are not able to recall password.

You can find several excel password recovery tools on Internet. These software basically used two methods to recover lost password, 1) Dictionary Attack 2) Brute Force Attack. In dictionary attack method, software have own inbuilt dictionary of all possible combination of words. Tool try to match your password with these words. If password is of simple combination of words like all Caps or all lower case then these software works very fast with dictionary attack method. But if password is combination of upper and lower case with special characters then password recovery time will be very long.
Software create every possible combination of words and matches with your password in Brute Force Attack method, if your password is too long and complex then it take time to recover.

User always choose little difficult password for security reasons. It consist of letter, number and special characters. You need to very careful while purchasing password recovery software. A very advanced excel password recovery software is needed for recovery of these type of passwords. First use demo version then go with full version.

An advance xls password recovery tool have password masking option. This option narrow down your password and reduce password recovery time. Like if you remember first letter, length of your password and you never uses number or special character, then you can recover it in few minutes. These tools works on “more precise masking, more frequent get password” concept.
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