Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to crack password of word file

Have you ever been frustrated when you open an MS Word document, only to discover that it is prohibited by a dialog box, remembering that you enter your password forgotten? Of course, password protection can have the documents at our disposal to increase privacy and security, preventing others from editing or reading our text documents private. What if after breaking his head, they still make a futile effort? And when this happened - forgotten or misplaced password protected word document, what should we do? In the past, which is screwed to lose a word document, no matter how important it is. While developing the advanced technology that can now recover / crack your passwords for MS Word with the profits of the word password recovery.

before using this tool, you must learn these three types of password attack:

Dictionary attack Method

A dictionary attack is on trying all the words of an exhaustive list called a dictionary. a dictionary attack only those possibilities is most likely to succeed, typically derived from a word list, for example, a dictionary (hence the dictionary attack phase) or a bible, etc. In general, the dictionary attacks succeed because many people have a tendency to choose passwords that are short (7 characters or less), single words found in dictionaries or simple, easy to predict variations of words, such as adding a digit.

Brute force attack Method

A brute force attack is a strategy used to break the encryption. It is through the search space of possible keys until the correct key is found.

The selection of an appropriate key length depends on the practical feasibility of performing a brute force attack. By confusing the data to be encoded, brute force attacks become less effective because it is more difficult to determine when it has succeeded in breaking the code.

These are conventional methods to recover lost doc file password. If you are unable to recover word password by using above methods then you must go with word password recovery software. Which have functionality to unlock any password protected MS word files.

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