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How to apply password on MS office files

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Microcsoft is combination of several application which are very useful for office or individual work. These tools are life Saviour for computer users and made computer work very easy & fast. To provide safety, these tools come with password functionality. So that unauthorized use can not access these files. If you lost your MS office password then office password recovery is required.
Word is a word processor a program used to compose, edit and format text.

Excel is a spreadsheet, a program used to organize data in tables, perform calculations on data and create charts or data tables.

PowerPoint is a tool of presentation, the presentation is organized as a series of slides.

Editor is an entry-level desktop publishing program. It provides finer control over page layout. In addition, this document was created using Publisher.

It is known to all as a result of its powerful function, which are adopted by businesses, educators and governments around the world to streamline document exchange, increase productivity and reduce dependence on paper, especially Word and Excel.

How to apply password ?

Because of its popularity around the world, security and privacy are increasingly concerned by the majority. Therefore there are different methods and two different passwords, "password to open" and "Change Password." An Office document is password protected restricted printing, editing, etc, even when it is decrypted by "open password", while allowed to be released freely when decoded by "change password".
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