Monday, April 11, 2011

How to open password protected MS word file

Microsoft WordImage via WikipediaPeople uses password to protect documents from unauthorized access and to provide safety to the documents. But some times these passwords may become problem for you. Because if you lost or forget your password, you could not be able to access your important documents. Same situation arises when you lost password of your MS word file. You will able to see read-only version of that documents and not able to change it. You can use any of these methods which are written below but if you want very fast recovery of your password then use word password recovery software.

1. Hit and trail methods

You can spend months or years to figure out what your word document password and the result may never ever get it. You need to put each and every combination of charectors which you can put as password for word document. Or you can use second method..

2. Crack password of word document

First, open the document and do a "Save as ..." specify rich text format (RTF). It will end up being something.rtf call.

Now open the RTF file by double clicking on it. It should look identical to the original Word file.

Final step: save the RTF file with a new name as a Microsoft Word document format.

That's all there is to do. You have evaded the read-only lock on the file from your boss sent you and they're good to go.

As for reality, breaking the user in a file that has established itself as the "open file" password, which is beyond the scope of what I write here. But I must say that there are some Google searches that probably can help you locate a lot of tips to do just that.
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