Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recover Your Lost Excel Password In Few Mouse Clicks

What are the quality of a best friend? Let me tell you a person to whom you can trust, with whom you can share every secret of your life without a fear of leaking to outside World, with whom you can spend hours without getting bored or sometimes without uttering a single word. With out sarcasm I can say my laptop is my best friend as I spent almost 20 hours a day with it as well as it keeps all my important files, folders, data, and information with it with full security and protection. However, coming into the reality, I used to protect my important MS-Office files through passwords but at times it becomes really very difficult to recollect all the passwords. If you are same as me and always deals with the fear of forgetting passwords then you should also choose a reliable Excel password recovery software.

Let me tell you what circumstances led me to buy a recovery software. I was maintaining a balance sheet for my tax details. In the end of the financial year when I have to submit the tax, I tried opening that excel file and realized that I forgot it's password. Whenever I think about that situation I still fell somewhat scary whenever I think about that situation. However, I did all the possible efforts from my side to get recollect the password but with no luck. During this I got to know that Microsoft does not provide any inbuilt utility to recover lost or forgotten passwords. At the same time one of my colleagues pinged me up to get some information about taxation. I told him the problem from which I am suffering, he suggested me to go for a password recovery software.

He was not very much sure about these software as he himself has not used it before but heard about them somewhere. However, this information provided by him worked as a silver line in the darkest cloud of my life as I was not at all aware of these kinds of software. I searched over Internet and found that there is a tough completion among Excel password recovery software. These software can recover lost or forgotten Excel password with 100% assurance. Thus, after a deep swim into the sea of Excel password recovery software I found one which is most commonly appreciated by the users. This software is exclusively for MS-Excel 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000 and uses 'Brute Force Attack' mechanism to recover both passwords 'To Open' and 'To Modify' for Excel sheet. The best feature of the software is that it allows the user to save the password recovery log in .txt file format that can be opened in the text editor like notepad. Thus, after downloading, installing, and few more simple recovery steps got my forgotten password back.

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