Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Modify Password of Specific Identity in IncrediMail


IncrediMail normally doesn't required any password or don't have any password protection by default. To protect your important mails from unauthorized access you can configure password on any specific identity. Technically expert people can access your emails with some sophisticated tools. But be careful while applying password on your Identity in-case you have lost your password then you will be unable to access your emails. In such situation only mail password recovery tools will help you to recover lost password.

If more than one peoples are using IncrediMail on same computer then it is must to setup different Identities for each user. Follow bellow written method to setup password for identities.

Open the Manage Identities dialog box.

Select "Properties" for the existing default identity.

Give this identity his/her name or nickname as commonly used in your home. (for example: "Susie", "Billy", or "Johnny"). It is not necessary to add a password. It is not necessary to include a last name.

Check the box labelled "Choose an Identity on start-up"

Now, create a New Identity for another family member. Again, it is not necessary to supply a password or a surname.

After applying password it is necessary that you must remember it, otherwise you are not able access your important Emails and folders. But in the case you forget or lost your Identity password then use some advanced IncrediMail password recovery software to recover it.

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