Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Free Method to Recover Outlook PST Password

Remove Lost Outlook PST Password With “pst19upg.exe”
Creating strong password for outlook PST (Personal storage file) sometimes creates problem for the user, if it is lost or forgotten. To access PST file it need only correct password. It means if you have forgot your password then you can't access your very important emails or other information. I such cases of PST password loss you can do two things, first remove PST password with pst19upg.exe second use advanced PST password recovery software to recover lost password.

pst19upg.exe is a free tool offer by Microsoft, which is actually PST upgrading tool. This is not a PST password remover tool but while upgrading PST files its remove password of PST files. It is highly recommended to keep the good hard disk space. It may be possible that PST files may get corrupt during this process so create a backup of original PST file.
This utility is not a part of any application so you will have to download it along with scanpst.exe.

Follow below written steps to remove PST password with pst19upg.exe :

  1. Create a backup of original PST file and close outlook.
  2. Now run scanpst.exe tool on the backup of PST file. It will ask you to create backup, ignore it because you are working on backup.
  3. Go to Start > Run, type cmd and hit Enter.
  4. In commant prompt type path of pst19upg.exe and PST file name, something like this one "C:\My Documents\pst19upg.exe" -x outlook.pst . This process will create copy of PST file called “yourfile.psx”.
  5. When above process will complete then rename original file to filename.old.
  6. Now on command prompt type full path of pst19upg.exe -i yourfile.psx and hit Enter.
  7. This process will create password free PST file from PSX file.
  8. Run scanpst.exe on recovered pst and choose Repair.
  9. Now password on PST file has been remove access this file through using outlook File > Open.

Above method is most efficient method to remove password from outlook PST file. But in any case if above method didn't work for you then use PST password recovery tool which is compatible with your system configuration.

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