Friday, February 10, 2012

Free Method To Change/Reset Windows Admin Password

Most of users frequently change their important passwords just for security purpose but it is quite hard to remember every password very easily unless it is not very much easy for us to recall. It is also true to make the password strong we use combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters etc. Sometime these multiple combination creates a confusion to recall the exact password which leads to forget or lost windows login password. If anyone forget the windows password then it is very hard to access windows based computer without having correct password. In password loss situation it is important to apply windows password recovery method or software to access the system.

Today, I am sharing FREE method, by which it is easy to recover lost windows administrator or user password. This method can also help to change administrator password.

Here I am explaining method for windows XP but this method is similar for windows 7 and windows Vista.

Requirements: To have Windows Installation CD.

Here we go...........

  1. With BIOS make CD drive is the first Boot device.
  2. Insert windows installation CD into CD drive and boot the computer. The message will display “Press Any Key to Boot from CD” then user have to press any key.

  1. After pressing any key windows installation will be started and it start loading files. Wait for a while and press Enter once there is below given screen.

  1. Now accept license agreement and Press F8.

  1. Now to Repair existing setup. Press R to repair.

  1. After pressing R, windows setup will start copying files from setup to drive. It will take few minutes.

  1. Once all files have been copied the system will reboot automatically. But this time do not press any key for the message “Press any key to boot from CD” .

  1. Now windows start installing.

  1. It is important to carefully check each step of installation when it reach to “Installing Devices” then press Shift + F10.

  1. The above command will open command prompt, type CD.. And hit Enter to come into C:\Windows (if it is not in windows folder). Now type NUSRMGR.CPL command and hit Enter.

  1. That command will open user account windows, click on “change an account” and select administrator or guest.

  1. Windows will open which have option to “Change the password”, click on that option.

  1. After clicking change the password option, next windows will ask for New password, Verify Password and password recovery Hint. Fill these fields with your desire password and hit Enter to save change and close this window.

  1. We can also set windows not to ask username and password from any user at the time of login then just type CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2 command instead of NUSRMGR.CPL command on command prompt. This command will open following screen by just clicking on uncheck box “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer”.

  1. Message will pop-up saying “Windows administrator password has been change.” Type Exit to close command prompt.

  1. Windows installation process will resume and let it to be complete. After completing whole process user can login with changed windows administrator password.

Above written method is best method to reset windows administrator password. Due to any reason if you are not able to reset administrator password by above method then use windows password recovery software to make password recovery process easy.

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