Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Solve Error in MS Excel 2010 Password Protection

MS excel 2010 have very strong protection so that any unauthorized user can't open password protected excel sheet. Sometimes authorized user faced error to open protected excel file. An error message will pop up “Excel cannot open this file. The encryption type used is not available, contact the author of the files. More encryption types are available using the High Encryption Pack” when you tried to open excel file. Then you may find another error message “Excel is unable to encrypt your file. Please contact your system administrator to resolve this problem. Do you wish to remove encryption and try again?” when you are trying to save this file.

Cause of problem: There are several reasons for above written problem. It may be there is problem in setting permission for users. If user don't have ownership permission then accessing the excel file is difficult.

Solution: First check whether you are the owner of that file or not.
To check this you need to follow these steps:
  1. Right click on the file.
  2. Click on properties.
  3. In property windows go to security.
  4. Now click on advance tab.
  5. Go to owner tab.

In owner tab you can find the current owner of this file. If user (by which you are logged in) is not the owner of this file then click on Edit. If you have User Account Control enabled, press on OK. In the owner windows other users or groups. Now type the User name or the group of users to whom you want to provide ownership of selected folder.

If you want to give ownership to all administrators then type “Administrator”. If you want to only one user to be owner then type user name and press on Check Names. Now in the owner windows select the user or user group that you just added and select Replace owner on subcontainers and objects and press OK.

After completion of above procedure you will receive a confirmation message which will say that ‘Now you are Owner of this folder’ then Press OK.

Most probably your problem will solve by applying above written method but if problem persist then contact to Microsoft Support for farther assistance.


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