Monday, February 20, 2012

How to Create Identity and Configure Netscape Communicator for Email Account

Netscape Communicator is one of the most important email client tools. It has very selective users. For new user, it could be very difficult to configure email account and create identity. Actually it is very easy to create identity and configure email account for Netscape communicator if you just follow these steps as given below.

  1. In a web browser, open Netscape communicator.

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences.

  1. Find an option of Mail and Newsgroups and click on its plus button to expand menu.
  1. Click on Identity.
  2. A form will open and you need to fill it with your information like.
               Your name: Enter your name.
               Email Address: Enter your email address.
  1. Find Mail Server from left menu and click on it.
  2. A form will open in which fill these information.
             For outgoing mail server enter
             For outgoing mail server user name, enter your full email address.
  1. Find Add button on top of this page and click on it.
  2. Now enter the following information.
  1. Server Name:
  2. Server Type: POP3 Server
  3. User Name: your full email address
  4. Check Remember password if you want Netscape to remember your password.
  5. Check for mail every # minutes to have Netscape check for new mail at the specified interval.
  6. Check the automatically download any new messages to have Netscape download new mail.
  1. Now click on OK to complete configuration.
By applying above written steps you are able to create identity and configure your email address with Netscape communicator very easily.

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