Friday, May 18, 2012

Recover Password of Protected Excel Wordbook by Using Password Revealer


To improve security in MS Excel and protect your workbooks from unnecessary modification by unauthorized users, Microsoft has introduced advanced password-protection. You can secure your whole workbook or some specific elements in your workbook by applying a password. Only authenticated users will have the right to make changes to the workbook or its individual elements. You can apply two different types of passwords to an Excel workbook: 'Password To Open' and 'Password To Modify'.

The 'Password To Open' feature can be used to prevent the illicit or unwanted users from opening the Excel workbook. This feature uses any of the standard encryption methods to secure data in the file. You can do this via Save As>>Tools>>Security Options and an existing one Main Menu>>Tools>>Options>>Security. Additionally, if you want to keep other users from changing the structure of your Excel workbook, you can use the 'Password To Modify' feature. With this feature, you can define a guideline for others and then, they need to follow this guideline for modifying the content or formatting of your workbook. To do so, go to Tools and choose Protect Document or Unprotect Document.

However, if there are a hell lot of passwords, there is always a high risk of losing these passwords. These passwords will keep on clogging up your brain and consequently, you forget them when trying to unlock your password-protected Excel workbooks. At this stage, you need to take help of professional MS Excel password recovery software.

Let me tell you my example. I joined at a new office last week. The person who left the organization had protected some of his Excel files. He didn't tell the passwords to anyone. However, I had to use those files in order to start my work. But, I found out that I cannot even open some of the important files. I immediately narrated the whole situation to my Team Lead and he recommended me to contact the system administration department. I contacted them and told them this problem. To recover Excel password, they installed a password recovery software on my computer and it was all over in just a few clicks. All the passwords were saved in the text document at a specified location in my system.

An efficient Excel password recovery software can easily recover both: 'password to open' and 'password to modify' set to your Excel workbook. These software use Brute-Force attack mechanism to give you the recovered password with 100% accuracy. The software which I used provided me various options to narrow down the Excel password search. 

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