Monday, May 21, 2012

Guide To create Strong windows Password

Password is used by every computer and Internet user for protecting their valuable data and information from unauthorized access. Everyone tried to create strong password which is hard to crack with software to by human. Even though we create strong password but still a password cracker program easily crack our password, isn't it ? So what is the meaning of strong password and how we can create a approx unbreakable password ? In this post I will focus on these two points.

What is a strong password: As per Microsoft recommendation for windows password, a strong password must have following characteristics:

  1. The length of password must be at least eight characters.
  2. A complete word should not present in the password.
  3. It should not contain any name related to you. (like your username, real name or company name)
  4. If you are changing your password then it must be totally different from previous password .
  5. A strong password must contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols.

Any password which is following these five rules will be a strong password and this type of passwords are very difficult to be broken. A password which contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special symbols can be a weak password like sampatrik2U! because it contain username and a complete word. You can correct it by writing it in this way $amp@trik2 U!. Including space in password and replace some letters with special symbols is make it very strong.

Always create a password which very easy to remember for you because losing password means losing access of your computer. So you can pick a phrase that is meaningful  for your password like my brother arun's birthday is 11 may 1987. Using this phrase you can create your password Mbabi11/may 87 or you can make it more strong by replacing some letters with special symbols like Mb@b!11 05 87.

I hope this post will guide you to create very strong password which are very easy to remember. But always remember that never create a password which you can't remember. But in case you forget your password then use advanced third party password recovery software to recover it.

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