Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Confugure Windows Live Mail 2011 For Your Email Account

For a new user its quite difficult to configure windows live mail 2011 with email account. But setting windows live mail is very easy, you just need to follow proper steps. Here I am going to explain how to configure windows live? How incoming and outgoing server setting can be configure in windows live mail.

Steps to configure windows live mail: Start windows live mail

  1. Click on “Add an email account” which is listed on left hand.

  1. In Add an email account write email account in lower-case letters, write the password of that email account (same password which you use to login in that email account). Check Remember password check box write display name.

  1. After filling all fields click on Next button.

  1. In next windows

  • Write POP3 in “My incoming Mail server”
  • Write in Incoming server.
  • Do not check “This server require a secure connection”.
  • Write your username (First part of your email ID) in login box.
  • In next box type outgoing server name.
  • Now check “my outgoing server require authentication”.

  1. Now click on Next and your email address will configure with windows live mail.

If you follow these steps then you can successfully configure windows live mail with your email. But for any reason you are not able to configure then you are free to contact me or write to me..

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