Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Are you aware of Excel Password Types?

We all must have heard very frequently about types of files but have you ever heard about types of Excel password. Let me share more about it so that you can be aware about it. MS Excel is has five types of password security through which you can protect important data of Excel worksheets. You can protect your excel worksheet with 5 different types of password protection methods.
I am specially writing this article only for those respective readers who are searching for the effective method to secure excel worksheets. This share information can benefit to accountants, charted accountants, brokers, stenos and every other individual who use MS excel to maintain all the records and calculation for their particular activities. 

Types of Excel password
Type1. Password to open the Worksheet
Type2. Password for Modifications
Type3. VBA Modules Password
Type4. Worksheet Password
Type5. Workbook Password
  1. Password to open the Worksheet:
You can assign passwords to the excel worksheets and prevent any individual from accessing it. Follow these steps:
• Open the .xls document to make it password protect.
• Go to File Menu and Select the Save As option.
• Go to Tools tab on the top of the Save As window and choose the General Options… option.
• You will see Save Options window, then enter the desired password in the Password to open text box.
This way you have protected the Excel worksheet. So in future if any unauthorized user wanted to open the worksheet then Microsoft Excel will ask to enter the same password. Without correct password it will never open. This way you have protected your excel worksheet.

2. Need Password to Modify Excel Worksheet 

It is similar to previous option. In this method if you have anything to modify on the excel worksheet you need to enter the password to modify the excel worksheet file. This way we can protect excel worksheet from any change in the data or figures which were entered before. Here are the simple steps: 

• Open the .xls document to make it password protect.
• Go to file menu and Select Save As option.
• Go to Tools tab on the top of the Save As window and select the General Options… option.

• You will get the Save Options window in display, you just need to enter the desired password to protect the excel worksheet from any modification. Once you have entered the password then your excel worksheet be protected with password and restricted for unauthorized user.
Any modification will be possible through authorized individuals only, with whom you may share the password. 

3. VBA Modules Password: 

Use of macros in Excel sheet makes various calculations very easy. We can save time for long calculation & reports managing by implementing some important macros. In Excel we use VBA modules to set the macros in the file. You can also protect excel sheet so that Visual Basic for Application module cannot be changed by any unauthorized user. To make VBA modules password protected, you need to follow these steps:
• Select the VBA module and right-click the mouse button.
• Select the VBA Project Properties… option.
• Click the Protection tab.
• In this window, check the Lock project for viewing option and assign password in the Password to view project properties dialogue box.
• Click OK.
The VBA module is now protected with password and secure from any unauthorized use.

4. Worksheet Password: 

We can also protect several worksheets in a single .xls file like Sheet 1, Sheet 2 and so on... To make them password protected you need to follow these simple steps:
• Go to Tools menu
• Choose Protection > Protect Sheet option. You will see the Protect Sheet window
• Select amongst the number of options for your worksheet. (These options depend on the working version of MS Excel; I am working in MS Excel 2003)
• After selecting the options you can assign password to the worksheet.

5. Workbook Password: 

Like Worksheets, excel workbooks can also be protected in the similar way of protecting worksheets.
• Go to Tools menu
• Choose Protection > Protect Workbook option. You will see The Protect Workbook window.
• Choose both or appropriate option from Structure and Windows and assign the password.
You can also check this:
• Go to Tools menu.
• Select the Protection > Protect and Share Workbook… option. The Protect Shared Workbook window will be displayed. This enables you to share the workbook with track changes.
• Check the Sharing with track changes option. This would activate the Password text box.
• Assign password in the Password text box.

These are the 5 methods or tips of password protection which can help you to save your excel sheet access from unauthorized user. 

I am sure you will apply these methods to save your excel worksheet data from unauthorized users. It is quite possible sometimes we forgot the saved password or set password in such situation you can use third party PasswordRecovery software to restore or reset the forgotten passwords of excel files.

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