Thursday, January 12, 2012

How To Protect PDF Document With Password

Portable Document Format (PDF) Invented by Adobe. PDF Document is one of the most secure document formats because it encrypts content of document and allow user to create different type of password for different causes. You can set Password to open as well as restrict editing and printing PDF document with other password. To make protected PDF file you need to have full version of Adobe Acrobat software.
To apply password on PDF document follow steps written below.
  1. Open PDF document in Acrobat reader on which you want to apply password.
  2. Find “Secure” in main tool bar menu and then click on “Encrypt with password”.

  1. Password Security – Setting window will open, this windows contains three types of security options.
a) Select document component to encrypt – This option allow us to select the portion of your document which you want to encrypt. It is advisable to select “Encrypt all document content”.

b) Require a Password to Open – This option allows us to create a password which is require to open PDF document. This password will protect document from unauthorized access.
c) Restrict Editing and Printing - This option allow us to restrict the user to edit or print your document. Set password this carefully because this password will ask at the time when you try to edit PDF document.
  1. When you finish all settings click “OK”.
  2. Now go to file menu and click on “save”. This file will be saved at original location will all your security settings.
In case if you have lost your PDF password to open or password to edit and print then you could not able to open or edit/print PDF file. In such situation you need to recover password of protected PDF file with some PDF password recovery software which is compatible with your system configuration.

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  1. Hi all,

    Nice blog! The Adobe Acrobat application is the tool used to create, modify and secure PDF documents. Using Adobe Acrobat password security may be applied to any PDF document. Once the password has been applied to the document, be sure to record the password and provide to users as needed. Thank you...

    Document Rights



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