Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How To Recover Lost Or Forgotten Yahoo Messenger Password

Instant messenger yahoo, msn and windows live are become part of our life. Yahoo messenger is one of the best chatting messenger because it have lost of options and feasibility. Everybody like do chatting on yahoo instant messenger. All these messenger required a username and password to enter in to chat room. It may be possible that you forget both username and password in this situation you can't access your account and you will lost your all friends. To regain access of your yahoo messenger account you need to recover messenger password.

There are several reasons due to with user may lost or forget yahoo messenger password :-
  1. Some users frequently changes their password to ensure the security of their account. Confusion created due to frequently change in password they could not remember which password they set this time.
  2. Some users write usernames and password on a separate sheet or paper. To ensure that if they forget or lost password then they can get from their. Loss of sheet of paper on which password leads to lost of account password.
  3. It may be possible that someone hacked your account information and changed password of your account.

Solution: All above situation leads to loss of yahoo messenger password. To recover it you need to follow these ways.......
  1. Yahoo provide same password for your Email account and Yahoo messenger so if you can't access your messenger then try to access your Email account, if email account works fine then your messenger have problem, uninstall it and install new version of yahoo messenger.
  2. Yahho messenger have “Forget Password ?” option. If you lost your password then click on this option and fill the information which are asked in that form and submit it. If you filled that form correctly then your will receive a new password on your alternative Email ID.
  3. If above methods didn't work for you then go with third party messenger password recovery software. These softwares are designed to decode the password of instant messengers. Several instant messenger password recovery software are available on the Internet you need to choose best one for you. Choose that tool which is compatible with your system configuration.
Use demo version first and see the result of that tool is you are satisfied with the result then go with full version of the software.

Stellar Phoenix Messenger Password recovery tool is one of the advanced tool to recover MSN, windows live and yahoo messenger password. It is compatible with latest version of windows operation system like Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Servers (2000-2008) and Windows 7.

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