Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Excel password recovery tool to recover excel password

Microsoft office package includes several very useful tools like MS word, MS PowerPoint, Outlook and MS excel. These tools make documentation very easy and reduces time to perform work. Microsoft excel largely used in corporate offices where security of data is very important. Best way to maintain confidentiality of excel sheet, make it password protected. But some time user put very strong password with alphanumeric and special characters. These type of passwords are very hard to remember and user forget it very easily. In this situation excel password recovery tool is needed to recover password of spreadsheet.
Reason to Loss excel password: There are several reason due to which peoples generally lost or forget MS Excel password some of then are given below:
  1. Choosing very long password: Some times user put very long passwords to provide extra security to the excel sheet. But user can't remember long password this cause loss of excel password.
  2. Password changes frequently: If you are changing your password every week then it will create problem for you because you can't remember several password for same sheet and this lead to password loss.
  3. Conflict in password to read and password to modify: Excel takes two types of password 1st one is “password to read” for reading permission only (you can't make changes), 2nd one “password to modify” to make changes in the spreadsheet. Some time use confuse with these password.
  4. Password hacked: If you cant open your excel sheet and you are sure that you are inserting correct password. Then it may be possible that some one hacked your password and changed it. To reset excel password you need some third party tool.
If you are facing any one of above situation then you need to recover excel password. Unfortunately MS office does not provide any password recovery option for excel. To retrieve excel password you need to use Stellar Phoenix Excel password recovery tool. It reset excel password of any length with 100% accuracy. It uses brute force attach technique and exclusive dictionary to provide fast password recovery and support MS Excel 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.

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