Monday, December 27, 2010

Access password recovery

Microsoft access database is most used database due to its simplicity and security. From students to IT companies, access database used everywhere. Everyone imposes security on mdb files by making it password protected so that no one can modify. To insure that no one can guess the password, we always create strong password which included alphanumeric and special character's. But it is very hard to memories these strong password and generally we forget our very important MS access password. What to do now ? Unfortunately you cannot recover access password by using windows inbuilt tools. You need a third party access password recovery tool to reset it.
Reason for forgetting Access password:
Several reasons are their due to which commonly forget or lost there password.
Some user frequently changes their password for security purpose which become most common reason for forget password. Creating a very long password which special characters is also a cause of forgetting password. Because if password contain special characters then it is very hard to remember that type of password.
It is always advisable that keep password short and write down some where so that if you forget then you can get password easily.
Solution: If you already forget or lost your access password then don't worry, you can still get you precious password back. Windows don't provide any option to recover access password but it doesn't means that you can not recover it. Several password recovery software are available which reset access password accurately without damaging system files.

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