Friday, November 12, 2010

Recovery of forgotten windows admin password

A Windows administrator password, also known as the administrator password is the password used to log on to any Windows account that has administrative access. This password prevents unauthorized access to important information stored in the computer and is required for each attempt to start the computer. Windows stores the password in the log file based called SAM (Security Accounts Manager). This is a database that is located in% SystemRoot% \ System32 \ Config. The administrator has to remember the password to access the data stored in it. In this case, the manager forget or lose the password, the problem can become a nightmare of data loss as they lose access to data and are forced to find some solutions for Windows Password Recovery.

A Windows administrator account can lose or forget the password. Consider an example, when storing critical data on your hard drive and as a safety net, set an administrator password. Do not use the computer for a considerable time. But later, when you try to log on the same computer, you realize you can not remember the admin password. Consequently, all data is stored becomes inaccessible.

The following are some tips that can help you regain access to data in these cases:

Try to remember the password is possible. Try to log most frequently used passwords
It is possible that you have not assigned any password. So try to leave the password blank and press 'Enter'

Check if another user has an account on the Windows computer with access to administrative level. If so, can let you designate that user as administrator

Perform a clean install Windows. But this is recommended as a method has the potential for loss of critical data
Use a third Windows
Password Recovery Software

Windows Password Recovery Solutions demonstrated as viable options in case of lost or forgotten Windows. These applications allow you to retrieve one or set a blank password without setting any risk of data loss.

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