Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A comprehensive Guide for All Those Who Have Forgotten Windows Password

With the ability to apply password, it has become fairly simple for a user to safeguard files and data. It is no longer a threat to save data on the computer, unless the password is either hacked, or given to a non-reliable person. That is why, Windows and other application providers urge the users to change the password on a regular basis. Though this procedure, if followed by people helps them avert non-ethical usage of their system or data, they are susceptible to another problem. They may lose or forget their password. Such a situation is, not only unavoidable, but also creates a lot of problem for the actual user. Unless, they have a strategy in place to recover Windows password.
Let us see what password recovery strategies can help prevent data loss in such a situation:
If you had created a password reset disk, then just fish it out, and on the logon screen, choose 'Reset Password' and insert the reset disk. Just follow the instruction that appear. And you are done. You are ready to use your computer and change the password.
If you didn't know about this, then you may try to login as an administrator, and try to reset your account password.
If you do not have another administrator account, don't worry, you still have a way out. Insert the boot disk to repair the operating system. Once you do that, enter the recovery console, and type:
net user administrator /active:yes
net user account_name new_password
'account_name' refers to the account for which password needs to be reset, and
'new_password' refers to the new password that you want to set.
But in case the above methods do not work for you, then you may want to reinstall your Windows installation. However, this puts your data and all other applications at risk of loss. If that is not acceptable, then you have little choice but to opt for a Windows password recovery software to get back your crucial data and system back into normal condition.

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